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  • Canal 101
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    Simpático panda para aprender a ahorrar
    Divertida y sana forma de crear conciencia en los niños para ahorrar dinero y amor por los animales. El panda es realmente adorable, tiene buen sonido y la fabricación es muy buena, tanto de la caja como del animalito que sale a guardar la moneda. Funciona con 2 baterias AA. La alcancía puede vaciarse por la parte de abajo, ya que viene con una pequeña tapa circular. A los niños les encanta y se la pasan colocando monedas para que aparezca el pequeño panda!. El envío fue rápido para centroamerica, llegó en 30 dias. Un regalo para niños ....y adultos también!! Pueden ver un video completo de su funcionamiento en mi canal para Gearbest:

    Mar 09,2016

  • Wells
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    I bought this for my 10 year old daughter, who found it on GearBest after searching for panda-related items (her current obsession). She quickly unpacked the well-protected panda bank, installed batteries, and has had a lot of fun with it. Her older sister thinks it is funny to point out that the panda's arm is not connected to its body - I respond that it isn't a real panda...
    The vocalizations, presumably Chinese, are a little strange. On the other hand, we make a game of making phonetic translations of what it may be saying.

    Mar 31,2016

  • Peter
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    A nice little gag toy
    -) Price: 8 Dollars is absolutely fine for the product you get there -) On/ Off Switch: I was glad that it had one, so you can save some battery life -) The coin stealing is pretty funny (got one for a Little kid as a birthday present) Overall it is a nice gag, you pretty much get what you expect for a very reasonable price
    -) There is a Little plate were you put the coins onto; but unfortunately the weight of the coin itself is not heavy enough to trigger the "coin stealing mechanics". So i have to put the coin onto the plate and press a Little bit at the same time -) Whenever the Little Panda steals the coin there is a child voice saying something, which can get a little bit annoying from time to time

    Jun 21,2016

  • adey
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    great for kids
    my kid loves this and wants to put all our money in it :) well packaged although the box took the runt of the impacts, contents were fine. brilliant to help teach youngsters to save coins
    none except i have no coins left >.< lol

    Oct 13,2016

  • Alcancia Panda
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    Panda roba monedas
    Alcancía roba monedas con diseño de panda, tiene un buen tamaño, no es tan grande ni tan pequeño, el color de la alcancía es vivo y no opaco y todo bien embalado y en perfecto estado. Piggy steals coins with panda design, is a good size, not as big or small, the color of the piggy bank is alive and not opaque and all well packaged and in perfect condition.
    -Por el momento no encuentro alguna contra, todo esta perfecto a la descripción del producto. 'At the moment I can not find any cons, everything is perfect to product description.

    Nov 11,2016

  • Jignesh chauhan
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    good for kids
    my son love this Creative battery operated panda coin bank Realistic movements and accepts virtually all coins. A fun and safe way to save money. robot panda will gladly steal out your spare change and save money for you.
    my son love this Creative battery operated panda coin bank Realistic movements and accepts virtually all coins. A fun and safe way to save money. robot panda will gladly steal out your spare change and save money for you.

    Apr 09,2016

  • K Valensi   
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    Very cute Stealing Coin Panda
    - Great product! So cute and works well! Only thing is that quarters will probably be the best thing to use for it since the paw can't reach anything smaller unless it's right at the edge. Can't wait to give it to my girlfriend!
    - no coins i mean *cons* );

    Oct 27,2015

  • George
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    piggy bank
    I loved took a Peak to arrive But it was worth it. the BOX came a poco crushed But the ALCANCIA This perfect recommend this seller 100%. No doubt buy with They in the future. Thanks By EVERYTHING

    Jun 09,2017

  • Seth
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    Itazura piggy bank
    I choose this rating of 5 because it is a good working product. The motor is kind of slow and loud. The advantage is that it is a fun way to save money. Yes, I will show to friends.
    Kind of loud

    Apr 05,2018

  • Filipe Sousa
    Sí (0) Color: Brown
    Itazura Piggy Bank
    - Very funny piggy Bank, Kids love it. - Works well. - This product encourages our children to learning about saving money.
    No cons

    Aug 20,2016