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  • Constantino Ferreira
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    It arrived. ok.
    well packed. No damage at the glass. But.... as I tried one over my Pocophone F1 display, immediatly checked that it is a bit undersized. Doesn't cover the display from the black frame around it. It's smaller than the usable area of PocoF1 display.
    Now... I'll try one just to confirm my first observation!

    Jul 16,2019

  • Ron Merrill
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    Great screen protector for the price, Well packaged and complete instructions, Glass is very thin but went on easily and adhered all the way to each edge, In all a quality product for a great price, I've tried several other screen protectors included the expensive ones that come with lifetime replacement and the cheapest ones, and this product compares favorably against any other glass protector I've used

    Nov 19,2018

  • Deann Haugen
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    After trying to find a good glass screen protector I FINALLY found one, easy application and lasts for a while, there are now a few cracks on the protector but happily not the phone, Screen protector doesn't scratch and looks very clean and like you don't have one on, The only complaint I would have is that it doesn't cover the entire screen

    Nov 17,2018

  • C. Chandler
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    I believe these protectors serve as a magnifying glass in a way making the screen sharper with improved clarity, Also fingerprint and grudge marks don't linger on the screen for long at all so my screen stays clear and clear, But still I believe that the protector could have extend further to the edges than it actually does

    Dec 07,2018

  • 70s dude
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    The glass was very easy to install, Mine ended up with the `` halo effect'' which is not really a big issue but customer service was awesome and sent me out a replacement that worked perfectly, Couldn't be happier with the quality of product and service, I would recommend this product for a good quality screen protector

    Nov 29,2018

  • LCC
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    I was able to put on the glass screen protector -LRB- which, is very high quality -RRB- literally within less than a minute - that is a FIRST, Thank you so much for inventing such an amazing product, I would probably want to see a small plastic card to push out the bubbles but that's not a big deal, GREAT product

    Nov 18,2018

  • Etterkl
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    This is an incredible screen protector, but thankful the screen protector kept it together until I could get it repaired - which was almost two months, Turns out it was the tempered glass screen protector that shattered and my phone screen was fine, You can't invest in a better screen protector

    Dec 10,2018

  • shuki
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    One of the best tempered glass kits I've ever purchased, adhesive dust remover and adhesive tabs for screen placement, Two were in the pack so it's a great price, The edges don't adhere completely but it's hardly noticeable and doesn't look like it will come up over time

    Dec 06,2018

  • Caes
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    face the the old screen protector was a little old meant I had to hunt for something new, The only difference in the video was that the plastic film on the glass was on the opposite side compared to the video so I had to start over before the removal and flip

    Nov 28,2018

  • S. Saxena
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    The first screen protector I screwed up b/c I didn't read the directions carefully enough, She says it feels brighter and less `` smudgy'' than her last tempered glass protector, All materials for installation were included and directions thorough

    Nov 06,2018