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Flowfon P20 Impresora 3D de Montaje Rápido con Pantalla de 3,5 pulgadas
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Flowfon P20 Impresora 3D de Montaje Rápido con Pantalla de 3,5 pulgadas

- Gris Ceniza Enchufe US (2 pines)

255 x 255 x 260 mm Apagado Reanudar Impresión Filamento Detección Rota
4.71 17 Opiniones de los usuarios | Por favor refiérase a la descripción en inglés.
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Principales Características
● Instalación rápida en tres pasos
● Pantalla táctil grande de 3,5 pulgadas
● Apagar la función de reanudar
● Función de detección de filamento insuficiente
● Con función de nivelación automática.
● Diseño de cable de una sola fila, despedida de un cable complicado.
● Base de aluminio 4040, más estable.
● Estructura integrada, ordenada y generosa.
● Boquilla con cubierta protectora de silicona, calentamiento rápido, aislamiento fuerte
● Tablero de fibra de vidrio + papel texturado, modelo de toma manual, fuerte adherencia
● Soporta control remoto WiFi (módulo WiFi no incluido)
● Apoyo a la expansión TMC2208



Marca: Flowfon
Modelo: P20
Tipo: Hagalo usted mismo
Material(Marcos): Aluminio
Tablero de plataforma: Base de aluminio
Exactitud del grabado: 0,1 mm
Cantidad de boquilla: Soltero
Diámetro de Boquilla: 0.4mm
tamaño forma producto: 255 x 255 x 260 mm
Grosor de la capa: 0.1-0.3mm
Impresión en línea tarjeta de memoria: Tarjeta TF
Pantalla LCD: Sí
Velocidad de impresión: 100mm / s (MAX)
Temperatura de la plataforma: 0 a 110 grados
Material de apoyo: ABS,PLA flexible,HIPS,PC,PETG,PLA,PVC,Madera
Diámetro de Material: 1.75mm
Idioma: Inglés
Formato de archivo: AMF,DAE,G-código,OBJ,STL
Función de apoyo del modelo: Sí
precisión de posicionamiento XY-eje: 0.0125 mm
precisión de posicionamiento del eje Z: 0.002 mm
Voltaje: 110V / 220V
Energía de trabajo: Entrada: CA 110 / 220V, salida: 24V 360W
Software de computadora anfitrión: Cura,Repetier-Host
Peso del producto: Embalaje ensamblado
sistema operativo: Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Rango del voltage: AC110V / 220V
Corriente (mA): 24V, 15A
Tipo de Conector: USB,Wi-Fi

Dimensiones y peso

Peso de Producto: 8,5000 kg
Peso de Paquete: 12,0000 kg
Tamaño del producto(largo×ancho×alto): 46,00 x 45,50 x 52,00 cm / 18,11 x 17,91 x 20,47 pulgadas
Tamaño de paquete: 51,00 x 48,00 x 23,00 cm / 20,08 x 18,9 x 9,06 pulgadas

Contenidos del paquete

Contenido del embalaje: 1 x Impresora 3D

Flowfon P20 Fast Assembly 3D Printer 255 x 255 x 260mm - Ash Gray US Plug (2-pin)

Flowfon P20 Fast Assembly 3D Printer 255 x 255 x 260mm - Ash Gray US Plug (2-pin)

Flowfon P20 Fast Assembly 3D Printer 255 x 255 x 260mm - Ash Gray US Plug (2-pin)

Flowfon P20 Fast Assembly 3D Printer 255 x 255 x 260mm - Ash Gray US Plug (2-pin)

Flowfon P20 Fast Assembly 3D Printer 255 x 255 x 260mm - Ash Gray US Plug (2-pin)

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Opiniones de los usuarios

4.71 out of 5
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  • Berg Hawthorne
    Sí (0) Color: Gris ceniza
    Very Impressed!!
    Prior to assembly, I stained the wood to minimize any risk of warping. We used a glass top for the bed, courtesy of a local glass repair shop, and use hair spray for adhesion (making sure to remove excess for proper adhesion). I use 123D Design from Autodesk and Curaengine for my slicer.

    Negatives - anything over about 2 inches long or wide, we had slanted prints. Also, this is a kit, so if you cannot follow assembly instructions, you may want to reconsider. I let my 13 year old son assemble this while I watched.

    Positives - he is very supportive, usually responds on within an hour. He wants to make sure you have a printer that you can enjoy. You won't get this support with a printer sold from China. Additionally, there is a support group on Google groups that helped me with the slant issue. I recommend making the proposed changes to correct slanted prints during original assembly. One of the pieces needs to be printed. If you can't find someone local to print for you, contact the group, someone would probably do it if you paid the shipping. Another design feature I appreciate is that the extruder drive motor is not located on the printer head. This reduces the inertia of the printer head and allows for faster printing without the inertia. These stepper motors are not cheap, undersized motors - they are 4 amp and will last.

    Overall, I am pleased and look forward to many successful projects. Good luck, and enjoy!

    May 28,2019

  • Dwight Bessemer
    Sí (0) Color: Gris ceniza
    Make printing easy and fun!
    This must be one of the best experiences we have for shopping online.
    My son is almost 16 years old and we want a perfect gift. It is impossible to buy him a 3D printer he wants in the store. I soon knew that you could buy a toolkit online. I fell in love with this idea immediately. After all, my 16-year-old son is an engineering student. He likes to do things. We read a lot of comments online, because of these comments, we immediately excluded several printers. We were warned that this could be a very frustrating build. Adult men say they don't understand the meaning of the instructions. Then we met this printer
    We thought about it for a long time. That night, I sent an email to Bob saying that it was a special gift. He said that it was ok, and he sent it the next morning, express.
    When our son finally opened it on his birthday, he was very excited. This set of equipment is definitely the best choice. The next day, after his party, he decided to organize it. He started at noon and ended completely at night. We feel very proud. The direction is clear and easy to understand. He has other software certifications but is not familiar with the software here. It was another day, but only because his laptop was broken, he was familiar with the software.
    The whole experience made us very happy. Bob even told him when he called my son for the first time.
    This guy is a first class actor, this great printer is also!!

    Jun 01,2019

  • Valerie Patrick
    Sí (0) Color: Gris ceniza
    Phenomenal printer
    I purchased this printer a few days ago. It has been a dream to use. I would definitely recommend this as a great printer for anyone starting out with 3D printing or even for veterans that want a more compact and reliable unit. I am extremely impressed.
    Setup-The three-step quick installation was fairly straight forward. It took me a few times to have it fully setup and powered on. And you don't need a lot of extra professional tools.
    Use-Very easy to use. This is not my first 3D printer, so I do have a little bit of experience with them in general. But with the automatic leveling function and the single-row cable design, the Flowfon P20 was still a very easy printer to simply start using. I am very impressed.
    Quality-The unit itself is very sturdy, everything aligns very well.
    Value-You will not find a better printer for this price. This printer exceeded my expectations on every level.

    May 11,2019

  • Leo O'Connor
    Sí (0) Color: Gris ceniza
    Amazing printer for the price.
    My printer came with fast shipping and well-packaged, after the 3D printer was installed, it printed like a dream! This one hasn't given me a single problem so far.
    This is my first personal 3D printer. I normally use resin based printers at work so I'm used to high quality prints. This printer is able to print at near resin quality if you turn the printing speed to 25mm/s. It equipped with double fans extruder head for better cooling effect and more stable printing. The 3.5 inch full color touch screen is also very useful, HD display plus simple operation, let the printing work become more convenient and quick.

    May 16,2019

  • Mortimer Theresa
    Sí (0) Color: Gris ceniza
    Good designed product
    The nozzle of the P20 is designed with a silicone protective cover for fast heating and strong insulation, and the 4040 aluminum base is more stable, the power off resume function is also a good design.

    May 20,2019

FAQ para Flowfon P20 Impresora 3D de Montaje Rápido con Pantalla de 3,5 pulgadas

  • ¿Por qué no lo suficientemente extrusión de plástico?

    1. Diámetro de filamento incorrecto; 2. Aumente el multiplicador de extrusión.

    The solution to under-extrusion (not extruding enough plastic)

  • ¿Por qué hay agujeros y huecos en las capas superiores?

    1. No hay suficientes capas sólidas superiores; 2. El porcentaje de relleno es demasiado bajo; 3. Bajo extrusión. El detalle que puedes leer en este post:

    Solutions to holes and gaps on the top surface during 3D printing

  • ¿Cómo funciona la impresora 3D?

    De hecho, aunque hay muchas marcas diferentes de las impresoras 3D, todos ellos principio de funcionamiento básico es el mismo: How does 3D printer work?
  • Cómo depurar el heatbed de la impresora 3D sin nivelación automática?

    Hay muchas impresoras 3D que no cuentan con nivelación automática, la nivelación de la plataforma es muy importante. Hablemos de cómo la plataforma de calentamiento de depuración: How to debug 3D printer’s heating platform
  • ¿Cómo detener las impresiones 3D se deforme?

    Cuando se utiliza una impresora 3D, la primera capa de siempre no se imprime, y urdimbres cuando imprime varias capas. En realidad, se hace que la gente desesperación, este post le ayudará a solucionar el problema:   How to stop 3D prints from warping
  • ¿Cómo elegir el filamento derecho?

    Al elegir un filamento adecuado impresora 3D, debemos tener en cuenta las diferentes características de sus materiales:  

    Pick the right 3D printer filament

    3D printer filament comparison

  • ¿Cómo elegir una impresora 3D?

    Tomamos un vistazo a los factores clave a considerar al comprar una impresora 3D: 7 things you need to know before buying a 3D printer
  • Cómo utilizar el software 3D Cura rebanar?

    Cura es una aplicación de código abierto 3D rebanar impresora, que es ampliamente utilizado en la impresión 3D. Hablemos de cómo instalar el software 3D Cura rebanar y operarlo: Cura 3D slicing software installation and operation
  • ¿Por qué no la extrusión al comienzo de la impresión?

    1. El extrusor no se imprimó antes de comenzar la impresión; 2. La boquilla comienza demasiado cerca de la cama; 3. El filamento se ha pelado contra el engranaje impulsor; 4. La extrusora está obstruida.
  • ¿Por qué la impresora 3D siempre sobrecalentamiento?

    1. Refrigeración insuficiente; 2. Impresión a una temperatura demasiado alta; 3. Impresión muy rápida; 4. Intente imprimir varias partes a la vez.
  • ¿Cómo lidiar con el atasco de boquilla de la impresora 3D?

    Vamos a introducir un par de pasos simples para ayudarle a hacer frente a este problema: How to deal with the 3D printer nozzle jam
  • ¿Cómo resolver el agrietamiento o rotura de las capas durante la impresión 3D

    Vamos a discutir algunas de las razones típicas y las soluciones correspondientes: How to solve cracking or breaking of layers during 3D printing
  • ¿Por qué detalles de la impresora en 3D no se pueden imprimir?

    Hay varias opciones que le permiten imprimir con éxito este detalle sutil: Why 3D printer details can not be printed out?
  • Quiero imprimir un objeto grande, que la impresora 3D es mejor para mí?

    Recomendamos el kit de impresora TEVO Negro Viuda 3D, debido a su gran área de impresión (hasta 370 x 250 x 300 mm).   Los consejos detallados para elegir una impresora 3D, puede leer esta publicación:

    3D Printer buying guide
  • Cómo hacer que mis modelos impresos en 3D se ven lisa y brillante?

    Acetona vapor es una manera fácil de suavizar sus impresiones ABS. Por favor, compruebe los pasos específicos en esta guía:

    Acetone Vapor - A great way to make your 3D-printed models look smooth and awesome

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