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  • Makedonas67
    Top Value for money Android tv box
    As in preorder a very good price for this Android tv box.Fast delivery time for a clean Android tv with voice control.A small size tv box but BIG running all the apps.Playstore inside.Netflix HD!!!!Youtube smart tv Full HD!!!!Perfect in all.A clean install of Kodi media player running smooth!!!!Top fast voice control.Very very good controller!!!!As everyone needs a Android tv this model a Top choice.Preffer everyone buy it.Quality very good,Top product from a top seller.Wifi working perfect but my first choice always Ethernet connection.

    May 11,2018

  • Max
    A95X PRO Android TV Box with Voice Control
    Android TV operációs rendszerA Nexbox A95X Pro TV Box az Android TV operációs rendszeren alapul, nagy sebességgel és zökkenőmentesen, amelynek célja, hogy a rendszeres TV-t intelligensvé tegye.Amlogic S905WA processzor egy Amlogic S905W, amely teljes mértékben támogatja az 4K UHD tartalmat, és nagy teljesítményű 64bit CPU-mal és Mali-450 penta-core GPU kombinációval rendelkezik az 4K grafika kezelésére és rendkívül reális képeket kínál.DDR3 2GB RAM, eMMC 16GBDDR3 2GB RAM és eMMC 16GB büszkélkedhet a teljesítmény, a biztonság és a megbízhatóság szempontjából előnyös, amely az eMMC memóriájába tartozik, és végeredményben gazdagabb végfelhasználói élményt nyújt.802.11 b / g / nTámogatja az 802.11 b / g / n vezeték nélküli szabványt, amelyek között az 802.11b maximális sávszélessége 11 Mbps, 802.11g 54 Mbps és 802.11n 150 Mbps.True 4K médialejátszóMíg az átlagos médiatár csak akkor fogadja el az 1080P videolejátszást, ez a modul csak olyan 4K forrásokat játszik, amelyekre rá tudtok dobni. Ezenkívül a VP9 hardver dekódolásának fantáziája a H.265 mellett megvalósul.
    Egyenlőre nincs...

    May 31,2018

  • Lex
    I was looking to upgrade an older Roku that was acting flaky and decided to give the Shield a try I got the one with the remote and the controller, it updated both the shield TV as well as both controller and remote, i'm used to the monochromatic Roku interface and it's an absolute joy to have a real interface, my particular shield is plugged into a GB LAN cable so I didnt have the need to test wireless streaming latency, i will say that streaming is flawless, it seemed like I stepped forward into the future just launching that app alone, it's a true joy to be able to run Kodi on a device this small with this much performance, the latest version of Vue they added a guide is acting a little flaky but that's due to it's latest update and is happening on all platforms

    Oct 21,2018

  • Makedonas67
    Perfect Android tv Os tv box
    As the first time order this tv box is just perfect in all.A value for money product.All apps running smooth.Kodi 17.6 media player with a clean install running perfect.The wifi is good in a place near around 3-4 m.Youtube HD,but Netflix not running in FHD the last days.The model stoped working in FHD Netflix.I wish someday can be back again.For an everyday use is my first choice.The quality is very good and have the power of Android Tv OS with a good voice control.Preffer everyone looking for a cheap but powerful tv buy it.Thanks GB.

    Aug 16,2018

  • Estevan
    Very good for price point
    for one I dont write many reviews or etc so please excuse me if it doesnt sound right to you. so here we go I wanted to get a box that wasnt to pricey because I was giving it away to a lady who has nothing to watch in her house, so i tried this box and i must say while setting the box up an testing it out my self I had no crashes or freeze spots the box played perfectly with Netflix an etc putting in ther apps was not to much a problem either I must say I was very surprised , I wish it had dual wifi but hey for the price what the heck the wifi was ok but it's better to use a box with ethernet. an yes the lady was surprised and happy hope this helps someone out

    Sep 10,2018

  • Dmitry
    Отличная вещь
    Внешне все качественно выглядит, пульт удобный, но кнопки щелкают, особенно это напрягает в тишине. Пультом от приставки включается телик и приставка и также вместе вырубаются. Не до конца понял алгоритм работы голосового поиска, я ожидал большего, а может просто ещё не разобрался. После включения обновилась прошивка сразу по wifi, причем дальность от роутера приличная, через пару стен. По нагреву приборами не измерял, но по ощущениям рукой - не критично, если выше не будет, то с охлаждением мутить точно не буду. Вообщем работает сразу с коробки, никакой китайщины, никаких перепрошивка, Android tv. Продолжаю тестировать..
    Не всегда распознает слова голосовой поиск

    May 22,2018

  • Tiago
    Este aparelho me surpreendeu, sua interface Android TV proporciona uma experiência muito agradável ao navegar em seu Menu, conta com Bluetooth, suporta cartão de memória até 64Gb, sei controle remoto tem tecnologia wireless o que torna a navegação mais rápida e consegue atingir maior distância para controlar o aparelho. A aparência e construção do aparelho são muito boas, seu Hardware também tem ponto positivo, resumindo ótimo custo benefício. O que deixou em ponto negativo foi somente ao App Netflix Android TV que deixou de funcionar no aparelho, agora só é possível rodar o Netflix mobile o que não tem uma experiência muito boa já navegação pelo controle remoto e ainda não exibe conteúdo em HD ou 4K .

    Feb 23,2020

  • Goga
    Great one
    By mistake I gave only one star in the previous rating...I love this TV Box... Great remote - voice function, usable mouse....Great launcher - like Android TV - simple and refreshing...OTA update pop up at first launch...Average wifi, good enough in the same room with router.Other things is almost like other Amlogic S905W boxes with 2/16GB, but this one heats up little bit more because of a small body..., for now it is not a big problem but consider using additional cooling fan like cooling stand for laptops....

    Sep 06,2018

  • Salasije
    Excellent for money
    Pros:Excellent box, stable running without any problems, streaming is fast and heating is not high. Run Kodi and several other apps, and all works like a charm. Apart from good workmanship, special plus deserve the wireless remote control, which is much better than those who come with competitive devices. Maximum recommendation for purchase. Special thanks to Gearbest for quick delivery, just 15 days to Bosnia and Herzegovina...Cons:Nothing for now...

    Aug 28,2018

  • Ronaldo Teodoro
    Uma Verdadeira Android TV
    ótimo custo benefício, TV Box muito rápida, 2GB de RAM, 16GB de armazenamento, esse box roda Android TV real, não é aquele Android de tablet! rodando YouTube em 1080p, Netflix em 1080p e 4K, tem controle por voz e tudo. recomendo demais!!!great cost benefit, very fast TV Box, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, this box runs Android real TV, there is that Android tablet! running YouTube in 1080p, Netflix in 1080p and 4K, has voice control and everything. I highly recommend it !!!
    nada contra, nada contra, nada contra, nada contra.nothing against, nothing against, nothing against, nothing against.

    Jul 01,2018