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  • Matthieu
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    A great buy
    Wow it works great. I set it up this afternoon, easily screwing it onto the eave. My garage slopes down and the camera picks up the side out to the other curb, as well as to the corner including the street to see the flow of traffic. I am trying to say the large amount it sees is excellent for me although I do wish I could pan like the indoor cameras. Daytime color is vivid and clear. Nighttime is black and white and I see everything clearly with the infra lights. It is amazing, The distance is about 80 feet to the street.
    Sound is good and I can hear the cars going by if I turn it on ( there's a touch spot on the app for on and off I can also choose to speak through the camera) A great buy ! !

    Dec 15,2018

  • Nickerson
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    I was really impressed by the image quality of the cameras
    I was really impressed by the image quality of the cameras. I have been using these cameras for a couple of weeks now and was very happy until today. I was under the impression we could always access our recording on the SD cards if we didn’t subscribe to the cloud service. Well apparently if the cloud system is having issues so will getting access to your NEW recordings on cameras on your own network.

    I have been very impressed by the image quality alone. I realized in addition to getting the recordings on the SD card, if one enables the “include videos/photos in activity alerts through YCC365 cloud service”

    Jan 08,2019

  • Ingrid T.M
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    So glad Alfawise came out with an outdoor camera
    Alfawise is the best budget security camera I’ve found. I’ve bought about 5 of their cameras now (easy to grow your system as needed) and feel very safe having them installed. They are also a great way to check on your dog while away!
    The app is very user friendly and allows you to adjust camera sensitivity from standard motion to high sensitivity (it will easily catch a small bug flying in the distance). Night vision is also very clear and bright. You can store quite a bit of footage with a 128G SD card especially if you have your sensitivity set lower. You can download any clips before it erases."

    Feb 03,2019

  • Martins
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    Câmera muito boa!!
    Câmera muito boa para o preço apresentado.
    Imagem nítida noite e dia fácil de configurar.

    Contras: Atenção!! Não vem com carregador, não tem informação da voltagem em lado nenhum (informação da Gearbest e na embalagem original)
    Sei que funciona a 12v

    Devem de referir o tipo de voltagem de funcionamento, e sugerir um modelo com a entrada de ligação compatível.

    Apr 23,2019

  • Aleksandar
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    Alfawize ip camera
    It is a great camera.Very good quality, durable, water resistant. very good quality. it fell few times on ground and it works great! White color is very nice i like it very much!
    Image quality is good wifi reception also. Only i hated is that i needed to buy the 12V 1A adapter but okey.i like it a lot. high sound speaker very loud.

    Jun 29,2019

  • Bruce
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    Alfawise outdoor IP camera
    Happy with this Camera Just wonder why Gearbest don't include POWER PLUG for this Camera ??? Easy install and clear views I am quite happy with it ( let see how long its will last } .

    Apr 08,2019

  • Bennett
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    I'm a hobbyists and I bought this camera because my previous camera died on me and the price was rig
    I'm a hobbyists and I bought this camera because my previous camera died on me and the price was right for this one. Does exactly what I needed. Not a lot of bells and whistles but it gets the job done, and the ios and web based clients were functional enough. Might buy a couple more for this cheap price!

    May 11,2019

  • Renato Rocha
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    De Alfawise só tem o nome.
    Achei estranho. A Alfawise não tem sequer software dessa Câmera, ela tem Suporte de uma tal Ycc360. Comprei pela marca, mas a marca em si não gerencia esta lâmpada.

    Jul 22,2019


    Thank you for your time.

    Any issue please kindly feel free to contact our support center, we are always here to provide the solutions for you.

    Please kindly review our warranty policy here:

    Many thanks!

    Best regards,

    Jul 23,2019

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    Best camera
    Buy two cameras for my store
    Good quality
    Video clear 1080p
    Auto detection motion night vision the complete dark recoding perfectly clear
    Motion sound
    Motion movement
    Connected to wifi Cable ethernet to the router
    And so many +

    Apr 13,2019

  • A.C Paolo
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    Very good camera
    Very good camera. Mounted it outside near the front door so I can view the driveway and front area of my house. True HD quality and you can download video right to your phone to save for future reference if needed. Highly recommend these!

    Nov 05,2018