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  • Wordsworth
    Sí (1) Color: Blanco
    The camera works good.
    Cute little camera viewing is good. Easy to assemble. Very clear picture and sound. Was a little bit confusing connecting to to wifi, but after you realize that the app transfers the tone to your phone, you need to turn up the volume and get close to the camera to get it working. It is colored when it is turned on during the day. However, this was taken at night. I can choose to talk in the room, when the camera is alerting when there is a movement, it will be automatically recorded and sent to the cloud for storage! The app is easy to find and free to download. The camera was easy to hook up and navigate comes with very clear directions!

    Jul 03,2019

  • !ZEbulon!
    Sí (1) Color: Blanco
    Easy to use and affordable!
    I have just remodeled my house recently. It's very easy to set up and use, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to set up completely, which makes me start to feel different. The quality of the video is very important. I have no delays, losing connection or interference problems. I used them to monitor my home when I was away. Great for registering elderly parents or prank pets. This is definitely worth the money. Best of all, the app is reliable! The video and image quality in HD mode is very good. Good to buy!!!

    Jun 24,2019

  • Sebastian
    Sí (1) Color: Blanco
    Awesome and easy to use camera
    When we left, we bought this indoors camera and checked our baby. I like that we can talk via the camera with our mobile phone. Our puppies already know the location of the camera and will investigate when we talk to them. It's easy to install, it works great, the quality is great with powful functions, and the night vision is clear enough. We already know which child gets up and all their little tricks. The overall great camera is well served for its purpose.

    Jun 04,2019

  • Casey M
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    Happy with this wifi camera
    I have had it for about 4 days now and it does not lose connection and connects to live feed within seconds of opening the app. Easy install passes in a text of any activity either motion or sound. Easy to use camera that gives me peace of mind. Also can be programed for camera off during times of day. I didn't need anything big, bulky, or on a network of any type, and this one fit all of my needs. Very happy with this wifi camera

    Aug 15,2019

  • Vikas Kumar
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    Really LOVE this camera!
    Honestly, I really LOVE this camera! It’s very easy to install and it’s practical enough for a family home. I used it with an app called “iCsee” and I can easily track the environment in my house. Camera works great sends notifications directly to my phone, excellent sound and I love the night vision and the price was within my budget. It’s a great security camera and I highly recommend it.

    Aug 24,2019

  • James Potter
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    Excellent Indoors Camera
    Excellent camera, given its price! Has good image quality, decent Audio. The mobile is usable enough, with full Zoom/Pan functionality and the ability to review old footage. Everything is saved on the Memory Card.
    I've installed two of these. They only require a good USB charger for power.
    The PC Web Interface took me a little time to figure out (Only works on Internet Explorer), but it's got plenty of settings, and is usable enough as well.
    The internal speaker is loud enough, push to talk functionality works well, along with audible alarm on Motion Detection.
    The video compression is very good. A 32 GiB Memory card lasts for many days, with motion detection.
    Oh yeah, has cloud functionality to view your camera remotely over the internet, no need for UPnP or port forwarding, works perfectly through NATs and private networks, so far (Been using it for more than a month now).

    Jan 07,2020

  • M.Miler
    Sí (1) Color: Blanco
    Pequena e cheia de recursos!
    Me surpreendi com essa pequena câmera! É bonita e discreta. Tem até uma boa imagem (pode escolher em baixa ou alta resolução). Tem sensor de movimento e segue o que está se movimentando (até seu pequeno animal de estimação se estiver próximo da área dela). Possui visão noturna, alto falante (até que tem um bom volume), microfone. Manda imagens (e acho que vídeo também, não testei) para seu celular quando detecta algum movimento. O App é muito fácil de usar, só o controle de movimento arrastando o dedo na tela que não achei muito bom. Mas vale muito a pena uma ou várias destas em sua casa ou num estabelecimento comercial.

    Nov 14,2019

  • Joana
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    Great camera
    The camera took a while to arrive. The instructions were a bit difficult but as soon as I managed to configure the camera in the app, it was very easy to use.
    There is no battery attached to the camera so if I want it turned off I just unplug it from the wall which is reassuring.
    It is possible to move the camera with the app by using the finger in the image, it's very nice!
    When it gets dark, the camera automatically changes to night vision so I can see very well at any time.
    It also allows to talk to the room by pressing the mic in the app and the sound is loud and perceivable.
    I'm very satisfied with this camera and would recommend it!

    Dec 01,2019

  • rcflyerf15
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    Alfawise Security Camera
    This alfawise camera is a very nice security camera. The 1080p image is crystal clear. Mine is set up to monitor my garage in tracking mode. Tracking mode works great, camera follows you where ever you go. I have it set to receive push notices from my cell phone. Its a simple device, easy to set up and use in just minutes. This was a great buy. Hope it last a long time. Thank you Gearbest.

    Sep 30,2019

  • Tiziano
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    Very good
    I am very happy with this up cam. Not that easy to connect at the beginning but once it does connect everything works smooth and very good. I really suggest it above all because the consideration of quality and cost it's really excellent.

    Nov 01,2019