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  • guplech
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    Very good!
    The product is very good. Has a good quality, good price and it really helps who don't have a headphone with a big cable. I really recommend it.

    Aug 11,2018

  • Kernani
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    nice Product and it\'s easy for use they Give you 2 cable one for phone and One for caméra so you don\'t need To pay the cable of phone it\'s good and the mic have wind Hear
    No Cons at now I like this product and They will help me to make video\'s

    Apr 09,2018

  • Burs
    Sí (2) Color: Negro
    Quality extension cable
    Nice thin and flexible cable. Nothing to write home about. It's just a 3.5" audio male to female cable. It's so simple I can't write 100 letters in order to post my review...
    The cable is NOT 2m, but 1.5m ! Enough of a problem to not suit my needs, as it is too short.

    May 30,2018

  • Максим
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    Обычный удлинитель для jack 3.5 mm, подходит для подключения наушников к колонкам, компьютеру, плейеру и т.п., в места где на сам провод не будет никакой физической нагрузки.
    Слабоват на повреждения, можно легко растянуть, и соответственно разорвать контакт.

    Jun 01,2018

  • Bence
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    Absolutely fine
    Quality is much better than I expected. It has a soft rubbery texture, which is nice. Also, the connector is not that cheap large one but fits in phone cases, too.

    Dec 17,2018

  • George
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    3.5mm Earphone Extension Audio
    it is a good audio accessory that should never be missing. It offers flexibility to perform audio tasks when distance is the important.

    Apr 26,2018

  • Espen
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    Great product
    Easy to use.
    Thin and flexible cable.
    Works as described.
    Very nice to have laying around if you need to extend a 3.5mm cable.

    Mar 13,2018

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    2M 3.5mm Earphone Extension Audio Jack Male to Female Cable - BLACK
    Cavo davvero utile, per usarlo come prolunga per auricolari e cuffie. Poi a questo prezzo è davvero regalato
    Nessuno, il prodotto è conforme alla descrizione e costa poco

    Jul 11,2018

  • anthrop2
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    Works Great
    I plugged it into my computer as an extension chord for my earphones.
    Now I don't have to get close to my computer in order to use them.
    This problem has been solved.

    Dec 20,2018

  • 2M 3.5mm Earphone Extension Audio Jack Male to Fem
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    2M 3.5mm Earphone Extension Audio Jack Male to Female Cable
    Works well with all the audio equipment i've got turntable cd player amp etc.My son also uses them with his Dj Decks a good buy.

    Feb 05,2019