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Haz reviews
  • Oleg
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    Retro Ethnic Adjustable Stripe Shoulder Strap
    думал что ремень для руки тоже в комплекте, а так в общем норм, качество среднее, хуже родного ремешка, но для любителей такой красоты подойдет, прочность нормальная, за фотоаппарат можно не переживать
    не замечено

    Jan 28,2018

  • George
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    One essential purchase for my camera!
    It's very soft for the neck, excellent build quality, and generally a very value for money product. I would totally recommend it to everyone who owns and loves their camera. It's only a bit longer than my original Nikon strap, and they were no logos as mentioned by other reviews.
    Absolutely nothing. Buy with confidence!

    Jul 17,2018

  • MaxVendy
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    Retro Ethnic Adjustable Stripe Shoulder Strap - COLORMIX
    I thought that the strap for the hand is also included, but in general the norms, the quality is average, worse than the native strap, but for fans of such beauty, the strength is normal, you can not worry about the camera

    Jul 27,2018

  • Maxime
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    Nikon Camera Strap
    Seems to be fine for the price; there's a nikon logo on one of tje plastic parts if it's important for you
    No cons

    Mar 31,2018

  • bigD
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    Camera strap
    I bought this for my wifes camera so she can let it hang off her shoulder or around her neck when on holidays. The design and embriodery are in my opinion very beautiful and timeless.
    Unsure how this attaches to the camera, no instructions

    Apr 03,2018

  • The Superman
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    Retro Ethnic
    Very nice product, Great shipping time and great price!
    Nothing Bad to say about
    I will recommend that
    Buy it now!
    It has no disadvantages and it's better than other similar products.

    Jul 19,2018

  • rptn
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    No problems so far! Seems sturdy enough!
    - Beautiful design! Very detailed, nice colours.
    - Good strap width for me personally, and a good length as well.
    - Great price!
    - Not so sure about the plastic parts, but holds up well so far. Mine btw do not say "Nikon" as written in another review about this.
    - The two plastic pieces which are supposed to hold the remaining ends of the small part of the strap is not tight enough.

    Jul 04,2018

  • ELi
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    Correa camara
    Mi esposa es fotografa y la correa esta muy bonita, el precio es excelnte, ya que es de muy buena calidad, a mi esposa le encanto los colores. Llego a tiempo y en excelntes condiciones.

    Jul 01,2019

  • Helen
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    DSLR Camera Vintage Style Widened Shoulder Strap
    ^^^ Fast shipping.
    ^^^ Super price.
    ^^^ Interesting colour.
    ^^^ Looks awesome
    ^^^ Value for money.

    Jun 12,2018

  • ok
    Sí (0) Color: Colormix
    Retro Ethnic Adjustable Stripe Shoulder Strap - COLORMIX
    Super price.
    Interesting color.
    Looks awesome

    Jan 20,2018