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Haz reviews
  • Alan from Canada
    Nice Little Gadget
    It appears to be a good product, but I have to admit that I amnot too sure how well it works because there is usually no appearance of pests in my house, especially at time of the year. I do, however, notice that I am no longer seeing any fruit flies that occasionally come up after I leave fruits in my kitchen counter.

    Dec 17,2018

  • Joseph MS
    The design is very elegant looking and there is no noise,i am very much excited to see results,i have used many different pest repellers before and none of them worked,but this ultrasonic pest repeller works like a charm

    Nov 19,2018

  • PugHug
    I highly recommend this ultrasonic pest repeller,i recently moved into a new place and noticed some spiders inside by the front door,i've been using this product for a few days now and I have not seen one bug in the area

    Nov 25,2018

  • K. B. Y.
    This ultrasonic pest repellent really works very well,the packaging is good and the seller's service is good too.i'm going to buy one more for my mom and introduce it to my good is a good product

    Nov 18,2018

  • Wolfebyte
    I live in a very rural area,thanks to this ultrasonic pest control my family has much more freedom to sit outside and enjoy god's nature without bites and stings

    Dec 04,2018

  • mi
    dont know what to think
    i use it several times but i haven't noticed any bugs or flies so i am not sure it is because of this or just coincidance

    Jul 03,2019

  • tstell
    I really like my ultrasonic pest repellent !! I think everyone would agree with me about disliking bugs,the good thing it doesn't make any noise. :)

    Oct 06,2018

  • C. T. DAVID
    Ultrasonic pest reject device help me drive them away,happy bought these ultrasonic pest reject,great electronic bug repellent

    Jun 04,2018

  • James J. Hunt
    I like that that the ultrasonic pest repeller is universally effective for both insects and rodents because I live in a house

    Sep 04,2018

  • Joseph M Chlebanowski
    This pest reject is an ultrasonic product,pest repeller plug in ultrasonic was very safe and was very easy to use.great

    Jun 24,2018