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Haz reviews
  • Caziuc Stefan
    IT Admin
    I like the position of hand because I can work more time without pains.
    Desptie the form of the mouse, this device is easy to use and have fast access to the suplimentary buttons (back and forward).
    It is not small, but not too big to be used by any person.
    This device have in-built acumulator and can be recharge when you dont use it. That's a big advantage.
    No cons.

    Dec 02,2015

  • Bali
    My first vertical mouse
    I was quite surprised by the fast shipping (for Slovakia) - goods arrived in less than 30 days.
    Package was not damaged at all, only minor bumps from loading and unloading the package. :)
    Missing a short explanation about the usage i.e. there is the adapter and a USB cable to charge. The charging cable does not function as data cable, so during charging you need 2 empty USB ports.

    Aug 01,2018

  • Victor
    Эрго-манипулятор, действительно легче для кисти
    - относительно быстрая доставка (Киев, Украина - около 20 дней)
    - качественная, аккуратная упаковка
    - хорошая чувствительность и реакция
    - простота использования
    - время жизни аккумулятора - пока не проверялось. Но вначале держит сигнал хорошо.
    - хорошая идея эргономики - нагрузка на кисть действительно меньше
    - меньше чем на фото (на сайте - детская рука), меньше обычной привычной "мышки"
    - края деталей (частей) - не полированы, немного грубые стыки
    - качество пластика - не критично - но нужно улучшать (в руке должно быть более приятное ощущение)

    Jan 17,2016

  • Fred
    E40 2.4GHz Five Buttons 1200DPI Rechargeable Wireless Vertical Mouse for Desktop Laptop
    E40 2.4GHz Five Buttons 1200DPI Rechargeable Wireless Vertical Mouse for Desktop Laptop
    awesome mouse very comfortable.would recommend this mouse to anybody.
    thank you
    E40 2.4GHz Five Buttons 1200DPI Rechargeable Wireless Vertical Mouse for Desktop Laptop

    Apr 12,2016

  • charan
    Best Choice
    IT looks exactly like shown in the website..
    Everything works perfect..
    It has rechargeable batteries aswell..
    And has a usb cable to recharge them, which i didnt notice when buying it..
    Just buy it..

    Feb 19,2016

  •   Carl
    Excellent Vertical Mouse
    It takes a lil' time to get used with it, but is really really comfortable to the hand! Nothing to complain, just very glad to have it! thank you gearbest. The battery life is also good, i charged the mosue only twice since the day I recieved it ( + 1 month ago )
    No cons

    Oct 06,2015

  • Nathan
    Mr. Sahni
    Great product! The item was just as described; it works flawlessly and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for this type of product!
    The grip position takes some getting use to, but once you get familiar with it, the mouse is very user friendly and works perfectly!

    Feb 10,2016

  • Isa
    Muy cómodo
    El mouse es tal como dice el artículo. Es muy cómodo. Carga sin problema. Totalmente recomendado.

    The mouse is just as the article says. Charge complete is about 2 hours. It works great. This is the second one I brought. The first one was for my office, and this one is for my house. I have no regrets on buying this product. You will see how comfortable is for you. It's great product.

    Aug 25,2018

  • Mike Uzhov
    Very handy device. Most of all I like the fact that it is not necessary to change the batteries.
    The hand was used for five minutes. Now, the hand does not get tired.
    Positioning accuracy is higher than that of a normal mouse.

    Aug 06,2016

  • Vertical mouse
    Worth its price
    - Anatomic;
    - Works flawlessly as a regular wireless optical mouse;
    - Relieves repetitive strain injury;
    - Good build and feel;
    - Side buttons;
    - On/off switch.
    - Not USB rechargeable;
    - No battery level indicating led;
    - Battery life is a bit low.

    Jun 13,2018