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  • Mix.Aaon
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    Highly recommended!
    I am responsible for the technical supervision of the whole school. For my professional and personal use, I only purchase this hard drive, and I have never encountered any problems or breakdowns during these years. This is what I've been buying. I once bought another brand drive, but something went wrong. There's nothing worse than a hard drive taking all your data with it. While we usually have backups, no matter how often, there is always the painful feeling of something being lost when you restore from a backup.Highly recommended!

    Feb 07,2019

  • Gidig.G
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    it's as good as I thought it should be.
    My dell desktop has been running very slowly for the past year or so, going blue a few times a month. Like most people, I thought it was a software problem or a virus until I ran the dell diagnostic tool and found that the drive had some bad sectors. I cloned the old drive into this drive and voila, problem solved! It used to take 3-5 minutes to log on to the desktop. Now it only takes 15 seconds. No more blue screens. it's as good as I thought it should be.

    Jan 19,2019

  • Alisa.kk
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    So far so good.
    I installed it two days ago. Wow, it's much faster than my old hard drive. There was no clicking sound, although I first heard the clicking sound, and then I heard it spinning, and then everything was fine. What you can hear is like a fan blowing, only a slight hum. So far, it's doing well. Programs and applications open faster than ever before. Good startup time, too. My three-year-old asus laptop felt like it had been given a new lease of life.

    Feb 27,2019

  • Budyhoir
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    Convenient, even on a business trip can also access cloud disk content, backup at any time!

    Nov 21,2018

  • Danles001
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    fast transmission
    It takes about 30 seconds to transmit a 2gb hd movie.very nice!

    Feb 27,2019

  • Schined04_
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    Good quality
    Using high quality aluminum alloy material, very durable1

    Jan 19,2019

  • Claudia.saral
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    Buy again
    very good,great product,plan to buy another for my wife!

    Feb 23,2019

  • S.dweocn
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    like this disk, very much. This is better than I thought!!

    Dec 18,2018

  • eonncmy
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    five stars!
    Satisfied ,good quality!five stars!recommended!

    Nov 25,2018

  • Lmmy.Cindy
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    provide more secure storage, protect my privacy!

    Feb 26,2019