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Haz reviews
  • supergirl
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    I was a little skeptical of ordering these because a few people said they got far too many multiples,i'm happy to say that I got two of maybe three colors,color were different looking (glittery vs flat shine or hologram looking) so i'm very happy with my purchase,you were to go to sally beauty or any other top nail supply store you'd be paying at least double if not more,for the exact same product,maybe order one of the smaller bundles to try and get a few more variety

    May 22,2018

  • David Hillock
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    This is something that made the time I spend doing my nails so much shorter,i also do not go through so much nail polish remover,i found the pueen latex tape very easy to use and I am able to get very close to the edge of my nails and under the tips so I have next to no clean up,wish I had purchased this a long time ago when I first saw it,the smell is not very bad and it dries very quickly,great product and I will be purchasing more

    Nov 26,2017

  • JanysIsACat
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    Makes painting your nails a little easier,it does have a bad smell but you can only smell it if you actually try to sniff the bottle or if you put your hand near your face,the only bad thing is that it doesn't smell to good,let your nail polish dry thouroughly before peeling off if you want it to look really good,it does have a slight smell but it doesn't leave a scent on your skin and once it dries the scent goes away

    Dec 05,2017

  • Laine Hetherington
    Sí (10) Color: Blanco
    It made those fancy nail techniques so much easier to clean up,supposedly being the same thing as you can buy in stores,this thankfully does not have that awful smell to it,it does it's job but smells horrible that I dont even use it frequently,it does have a strong smell but as long as you don't stick your nose to the bottle its not bad,i was very unsure if this was as good as people had said it was

    Jan 03,2018

  • GDogg
    Sí (0) Color: Blanco
    Sometimes if touched to other nails with it on will peel off so that's kind of annoying and you need a steady had but otherwise great,i just know that this investment of purchasing it should be one where you will utilize it often right away or else the product may go bad,latex also has a strong smell,even if the product is dry and peeled off,it leaves a residual smell on your skin afterwards

    Apr 29,2018

  • Sukru Tikves
    Sí (10) Color: Tutti Frutti
    I have seen similar products used in my local nail salons and I was in search of something similar to use on myself when I do my own nails at home,other brushes that I have used in the past have not been able to withstand this wear and tear long !! I would recommend this product to anyone who loves to make their nails look beautiful and are looking for accessories to assist them in doing so

    Jun 26,2018

  • Cathy Hampton
    Sí (7) Color: Tutti Frutti
    I'm so happy with it and I definitely like the price,she is able to work with them and get nice designs on her nails,you're an amateur at nail design these will work well for you,this is so easy to use that I am able to change my designs on my nails more often,these are a lot of fun to use and really high quality craftsmanship,good variety of designs can be attained with this set as well

    Nov 17,2017

  • S Watkins
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    I read some reviews where people were unhappy with the colors they received,i got some normal colors (single color),i got some double colors but they came with other designs (glitter/hologram) I am very happy with colors and the amount,they also all came in groups and separate packaging,you can use them on natural nails also

    Jan 25,2018

  • T. Brown
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    I am so impressed with the variety of colors and designs that came in this bundle,these are really a must if you are interesting in exploring nail art,the one downfall is that the tape isn't very sticky,this tape can be used as temp pieces to paint on designs with - in that case make sure nails are dry and very well set first

    Oct 16,2018

  • Rob Johnson
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    My advice would be to let the bottom nail polish dry completely before putting on the tape otherwise you'll rip off the nail polish,i also found it best to wait no more than a minute after applying the top nail polish before ripping off the tape,that might be different with different nail polish brands

    Aug 07,2018