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Haz reviews
  • mscwu
    at least not for a bigger gun, Maybe a smaller version is more concealable, My gun sits rather deep in this holster just as the picture of it shows, On the positive side it is lightweight yet stays open without the gun, The retention clip releases easily and the draw is smooth, It has a nice pouch for one magazine and the price is good, On the negative side, Also the plastic clip on the retention strap can not be closed easily with one hand making this a two-handed holster in the return functionality

    Oct 29,2018

  • NWGirl
    I much prefer a smaller gun because it goes virtually invisible, the straps which go over the holstered gun are annoying, for a smaller gun i had to sew the bottom of the pocket where the gun rests in, allowing the smaller firearm to sit too low and become uncomfortable while moving about my day, this was remedied by sewing the bottom and creating a solid pouch

    Aug 04,2018

  • Thara Satish
    I have nothing else to compare it with since I got this not long before I purchased my first gun, my extra mag and my gun, which is good - but now it fits too loosely and therefore my extra mag is not as secure as it was, If I have a loaded gun on me I like to know that I can access it easily

    Jul 05,2018

  • Luis D. Atencio V
    I thought about having it sewn to the belt so I can make it tighter as I lose more weight, I am so happy to finally get one that I don't want to return the belt for a smaller size, My neck and shoulders are so happy that my crossover purse won't contain the heavy gun

    Oct 09,2018

  • Narg
    Nice sturdy holster made from nice meterial very light and comfortable the only problem i ha e is that if your gun has some weivht to it there is not enough adjustment with the straps to get it to sit right other than that it was a great buy

    Nov 08,2018

  • A Palmer
    Excellent quality of product, Not really compatible with my gun, The back the gun fits more snug and looks better under clothes, had my gun fit better, not gun present, Again quality and durability are excellent and if my gun were smaller

    Nov 21,2018

  • lvmil
    The material the holsters made from seems to be good quality, This was given as a gift in the person receiving the gift told me that he liked where he could keep an extra magazine for the gun in the holster

    Aug 23,2018

  • Tami Hull
    My favorite part was the toy gun because this sound is fairly realistic which was really fun, Also when you pull the trigger the top of the gun barrel moves giving it a more realistic look

    Aug 07,2018

  • Chicago Grognard
    ordered a gun belt from the same company and expect it to be just as high quality as the holster, You can pay more for a western rig but quality at a reasonable price beats buyer's remorse ...

    Oct 23,2018

  • Tea4Me
    We wanted a good alternative to a real gun, It looks and feels like a real gun but you don't need a permit to carry and it is safe around children

    Oct 24,2018