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Haz reviews
  • Antonio
    Acciarino in magnesio
    Arrivato dopo quasi un mese, pacco integro senza danni.

    Completamente in alluminio, tranne per il bastoncino di magnesio. Ha delle buone guarnizioni che rendono impermeabile l'interno.

    Si svita in tre parti, la stecca in magnesio, la lama per grattare, e la punta dove contiene dell'ovatta infiammabile da usare come innesco per la fiamma. Dopo aver preso un po' la mano, le scintille si fanno senza difficolta. Anche il colore va scelto con logica, nel mio caso l'arancione aiuta il ritrovamento nel caso dovesse cadere nell'erba alta.

    L'ho pagato 4.27€ e li vale tutti, consiglio vivamente l'acquisto.

    Nov 18,2018

  • max
    Tres pratique et solide
    Un petit batonnet en aluminium qui contient un peu d'étoupe dans la pointe et un firesteel avec son grattoir dans le corps.
    La pointe est en acier et peut servir de brise vitre mais je trouve que l'ensemble fait un excellent stick de défense.
    La qualité générale est bonne; l'aluminium est de bonne qualité
    Le firesteel se dévisse un peu trop facilement mais ce n'est pas gênant.

    Jan 18,2017

  • Matteo
    less than 12cm long, it can be carried in any place, moreover and equipped with a ring so as to be used as a key ring, the threads are very good and the hermetic seal is guaranteed by a gasket
    No defect

    Dec 07,2017

  • Luka
    Fire starter is realy quality. It is strong and well build.
    +Water resistance (O-ring on all parts)
    +Strong spark
    +Alcohol pad is realy usefull
    +Copmact (size of a pen)
    +Can be attached
    +Fair price

    On pictures you can see also AA battery for compare.

    Dec 18,2015

  • emery
    always wanted a small edc fero rod,this one i carry every day and have used it dozens of times and it works great,glass break works also and has small compartment to carry a piece of coton ball"i use a a coton ball covered in vasoline,tear apart and it takes a great spark"
    none at all
    only wish the compartment was bigger for more coton
    but besides that,no cons at all and while be buying more

    Sep 27,2017

  • Emanuel
    FURA magnesium fire starter
    The magnesium rod is very good. It's better if you use a knife to use it as you can see in the video below.
    You can use this as a glass breaker and even for self defense.

    Dec 18,2018

  • ind33
    Nice little EDC item
    Very nice and sturdy item.
    It is very lightweight, but well built.
    I liked this design better, than the other version, without ring. It has a little compartment for the flick and also a sharp end.
    I would definitely recommend buying and carry one.

    Feb 18,2019

  • zolo708
    Всё отлично!
    Маленький,очень,очень маленький! В руке лежит не очень хорошо, для самообороны не подойдёт. Но как непосредственно огниво подходит неплохо! хотелось побольше размер! Но в основном неплох, брал в подарок, все в восторге! А -это главное!

    Sep 22,2018

    fire starter
    another great product from gear best. compact and waterproof. clip on top great to thread onto a necklace. sturdy and well made, love it.throws good sparks

    Oct 28,2016

  • Daniel
    Great piece of gear! It is small enough to take anywhere and the magnesium rod makes for a great way to start fires and keep warm while the point on end can get you out of a scuffle or break a window!
    The compartment to hold flint for starting a fire is a little small, Wish it where just a little deeper.

    Dec 31,2015