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  • Denis
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    Amazing deal here! dont miss it
    Where do I start.... every things is great in this product. It records during the night better then any other camera I have seen. I would have easily paid double the price. Any of the G1W models is easily the best product you can buy for so cheap. I got it on sale for $45, now during this review its $40. Other websites sell this for $70 or more. Definitely stop looking for a better bargain and buy it at gearbest. Also, don't miss out on the Car Rear View Mirror Pole Mount 360 Degrees Rotatable Holder Bracket for G1W G1WH LS300W LS330W DVR, an attachment to your mirror, I added it to my shopping cart for Free!
    (See my Review Video)
    I personally have absolutely No Cons with the product.
    However, it seems that the casing is made with a cheap plastic material so it might not survive you dropping it on the ground. But not like you carrying it with you everywhere, besides its the inside that ,matters.

    Hence, don't wait and buy it now because it is worth it anyways specially at this price!

    Aug 29,2015

  • Norm
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    Dash Cam
    After reading information on line and other reviews for the best dash cam for the money - Hands down the G1W-C is the winner so ordered this cam from GearBest after seeing the discount coupon code. Easy to install, picture quality is excellent however instruction manual need a little refining. Furthermore no special software needed to view video files, plug and play with Windows software. Also I checked the quality of video that the camera recorded during night travel and again impressed with the clarity and amount of detail it captured. The mounting bracket gives you very good adjustment from all angles of your windshield, but a dash mounting position would be handy without the unit be upside down.

    Oct 28,2014

  • james
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    This dashcam is worth every penny. Not had much time to try it out fully yet but am delighted in what have seen so far. Very easy to set up and the video quality is excellent. (Dare I say, even better than my GoPro 3+). Despite previous reviews complaining about the suction mount I found it to be very stable with little or no vibration on playback.
    I am going to hardwire the G1W-C at the weekend when hopefully the equipment I have ordered will have arrived.
    all in all no problems an outstanding product considering the price.
    A friend of mine, seeing the quality of the video is going to order none from you shortly FIVE STARS and no cons.

    Feb 15,2016

  • Kyle753
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    Great Dash Camera
    I have been using this dash camera for a few months now. Haven't had any issue yet. I set it so it turns on for a quick 10 seconds when starting my car then the display turns off to avoid any distractions. I live in Canada and we have very cold winters so i opted to get the capacitor version. I would suggest the same for any climates that are very hot or very cold.

    Setup was easy. I'm using it with a Samsung EVO 32gb SDHC card. which i formatted with the device. Best value for picture quality at the moment and recommended dash camera at wirecutter review websites.
    The only con which is a minor one is that the outer body lens frame is reflective silver. This takes away from being very discreet as anyone outside your car can see the camera easily. This can be remedied with a black sharpie and coloring the silver but I would hope the next iterations consider changing this lens to black to make the camera more discreet.

    Jun 15,2015

  • Amila
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    This records very good quality videos. Supports loop recording and saves the clip before shutting down after cutting the power to it. The camera is very small and can be fixed behind the rear view mirror. You can read the number plates of the cars in front of you. It has great night vision and in early night times it looks almost day time in the videos. Don't forget to buy "Car Rear View Mirror Pole Mount 360 Degrees Rotatable Holder Bracket for G1W" so that you can mount it behind the rear view mirror. I am happy very with my purchase.
    The build quality doesn't look that great as it has doesn't look that great even though it's small in size and does it's job. No internal battery to power it for bit longer recording after power turned off. Movies recorded in MOV format and may not be supported on some viewers or Operating Systems on your computer (for example Windows 8.1 media player)

    Jul 11,2015

  • guynotes
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    Great unit
    I was very happy to receive this unit and start using it in my car. We had been involved in an accident and through friends found this unit. I am so far very happy with the device and keep it in my car at all times. I was able to take the unit and plug it in to my computer to get the files very easy, and the video quality is excellent. The device has a good long power cord and is easy to attach to the windshield. I will be buying more for family..
    Since it has no battery, using a capacitor system, it does not hold a charge for too long once unplugged, but it is still perfect for use in a car.

    Nov 10,2014

  • Anh
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    Probably the best affordable dash cam to date!
    I got this dash cam from GearBest for almost 2 years now, it survived Minnesota winter and Texas summer without a single problem. Here is a quick pros/cons:

    Very good video quality
    Loop recording and only overwrite the oldest files
    G sensor will protect the file if collision is detected
    Full HD 1080p 30fps
    Powered by capacitor instead of battery
    Not the smallest dash cam out there
    Silver ring around the lens is not the most discrete color option
    Plastic contact between the suction mount and the camera seems a bit fragile
    Picture can be a little bit dark when facing the sun
    Power cable is 2 inches short to be perfect on my car

    Final word: I am happy with this dash cam. Make sure you buy it from Gearbest or reputable seller to avoid counterfeits!

    Mar 26,2016

  • G1W - C 2.7 inch 108
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    Car DVR
    I bought recently avtoregistrator itself.
    So my purchase:
    - Beautiful, at the height of the assembly,
    - Russian language is on the menu, the menu is clear,
    - The video quality is good, enclosing samples,
    - Can be used as a video camera if you connect the Power Bank,
    - The way was well packed.
    And most importantly, I am satisfied.
    It`s OK

    Jan 28,2016

  • G1W-C
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    Cheap price with promotion code
    Good video quality
    Don't need to worry about hot temperatures with capacitor
    Set it and forget it

    Overall, good product for the price. It does what you expect from a dashcam. I'm planning to purchase another G1W-C or the A118C (still waiting for more reviews) for my other vehicle.
    Hangs down below rear view mirror with mirror mount
    Silver ring around lens and white IR light cover
    Sound is muffled
    Not the most discreet camera
    32GB card size limit
    Screen saver is at least 3 minutes

    These cons are definitely not deal breakers for me since my purpose for the dashcam is evidence in case I get into a car accident.

    Mar 20,2015

  • david
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    Best priced dash cam period.
    It may be slightly under-matched on it's night mode vs multi hundred dollar competitors. If you MUST have clear night vision, then you'll need to fork out a lot more money. But if you simply want a great dash cam, excellent video, and simple to use, then this is it. Yeah, I kind of put the con under pros, but that is the pros. That there is only one real con to it. Price cannot be touched.
    Night mode you can still get an idea of what happened, but the video quality is not nearly as superior as when there is sufficient light.

    Jun 01,2015