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Haz reviews
  • Stefan
    Genuine IMax B6
    - Very good price ( u can get almost the same charger in germany for 80€) - Aluminium Case - Integratet transformator - Many usefull settings for the batterytypes like LiPo, NiMh or NiCd for charging and uncharging In deutsch: - gute Preis/Leistung (bei gibt es das nahezu baugleiche Ladegerät für knapp 80€. Nur der Schriftzug ist etwas anders und die USB-Buchse fehlt in diesem Modell, welche ich aber bis jetzt noch nicht vermisst habe) - wertiges Aluminiumgehäuse - ein Integriertes Netzteil - viele Programme für die unterschiedliche Batterietypen zum Laden sowie Entladen
    Till yet nothing

    Oct 17,2015

  • Lubomir
    Genuine IMax B6AC - gearbest
    aj keď to nie je originál je to dobrá nabíjačkav balení je všetko potrebné - chýba prepojenie xt 60 - je najbežnejšieneprehrieva saintuitívne ovládaniedispley ukazuje všetko potrebnéz nákupom som veľmi spokojnýeven though it is not the original it's a good chargerthe package is all you need - missing the xt 60 connection - is the most commonit does not overheatintuitive controlthe display shows everything you needI'm very satisfied with the purchase
    nie je rovnaké napätie v článkochthere is no same voltage in battery cells

    Jul 03,2018

  • Fábio
    Very good for the price
    The B6 is rated at 80W / 6A and can charge a wide range of batteries which include lithium polymer (Li Po), lithium ferrum (Li Fe) and lithium ion (Li Ion), nickel metal hydride (Ni Mh), lead acid (Pb) and nickel cadmium (Ni Cd) batteries. One useful feature on the B6 is that it can be powered using a 12V DC supply which means you can use your car battery to power it outdoors when you’re having one of those long flying sessions away from home.Pros:- Very affordable- Reliable- Excellent LCD screen- Quality all-metal casing and buttonsCons: none

    Dec 03,2018

  • spenar
    imax B6 dual power
    Great charger ready for use with power supply built in, reading instructions is a must for users like me, but charges fast I guess all tipes of hobby grade/tools bateryes, and also prepears li-pos for storage (discharges bateries), with many other functions, memorises user setups, has safety cut ofs...and with that growth of bateries we were in need of proper charger, it was sugested to me by a friend and I would sugest it too

    Aug 08,2019

    Good cheap charger
    Work fine I can parallel charge 4 1400 4s batteries no problem comes with a bunch of different charging adapter's and easy to read instructions
    The au outlet adapter is very loose in the socket so i replaced the plug with au type plug cause the one supplied will reset charger if bumped but its an easy fix anyone can do it

    Apr 11,2018

  • Jakub
    Imax b6ac
    good quality,fast charge,discharge,storage function, recomend that charger
    no cons at this moments

    Aug 18,2017

  • Angel87
    Ottimo servizio
    Spedizione nei tempi previsti, arrivato intatto e funzionante. Per fortuna.ottimo tracciamento dell’ordine. Affiliato molto competente e disponibile prezzo conveniente. Applicazione molto chiara e semplice da usare anche in italiano. Consiglierò gearbest anche ai miei amici per la professionalità
    Nessun contro

    Jul 25,2018

  • vaporguru
    Very good price / quality ratio. It charge all kind of batteries. What's more, it's worth the money.

    Jun 29,2017

  • José
    It a bit difficult to set it to use once there's a lack of accurate information on its manual. Dispite of that it's a great that works fine, it's durable and robust.

    Oct 29,2018

  • Ferdinando
    Imax con software diverso dal solito
    Imax con accessori indicati in foto. L'unica cosa diversa mi sono ritrovato con un software diverso da quello descritto che ho dovuto imparare. anche le istruzioni non sono quelle delle recensioni
    Imax con accessori indicati in foto. L'unica cosa diversa mi sono ritrovato con un software diverso da quello descritto che ho dovuto imparare. anche le istruzioni non sono quelle delle recensioni

    Apr 05,2018