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Haz reviews
  • Emery G
    My favorite mouse ever!
    I love this mouse. It is extremely portable and comfortable. The battery of this device lasts a very long time. I have only ever charged it once out of the box and expect to charge it every few months like my other similar mouse. The mouse gets charged via the included charging cable. It is made of plastic and has a red optical sensor on the bottom. This product requires a non-reflective surface or mouse rug in order to use. I frequently use a glass desk, so I primarily use a mouse rug. This is my second version of this mouse, and I will surely buy this product.

    Dec 03,2019

  • AFerro
    T37 Mouse Wireless
    Мне приглянулся дизайн, беспроводность, и что что она на аккумуляторе. И так выглядит она вполне себе презентабельно, хотя и полно размерным вариантом её и не назовёшь.Качеством продукта я удовлетворён не чего не болтается не люфтит все боты на месте плюсы: дизайн, беспроводность, аккумулятор, цена. ̶м̶и̶н̶у̶с̶ы̶:̶ особенности: глянцевый пластик (на лепестках и заднике),микро USB (и тут не возможности докупить подставку для зарядки) USB-C пора пускать в массы, ну и последнее это размер

    Jan 11,2020

  • Taylor H.
    Bought about a week ago. So,I already had a good opinion.Pros: 1) High-quality ABS with a pleasant to the touch material. 2) Compact design. 3) Very easy and fast connection to a laptop. 4) There is a convenient DPI adjustment.Cons: 1) For a man's hand weighs little, but work comfortably.I would like to connect to a laptop without an adapter, but this is another price segment. In general, I rarely use the mouse, only in some programs where accuracy is needed and this one does it well.

    Dec 03,2019

  • Steven
    I've used wireless mouse in the past and this product is a good as any. It's slim, lightweight, and great shape! BUT, it's really great that's it rechargeable and I don't have to deal with batteries. This mouse is different than other cheap mice. Good quality and easy design, easy to use it on any flat surface. Three DPI adjust, you can feel the speed change after you click the DPI button, you can choose the speed which you need. I will purchase this again!

    Dec 04,2019

  • l kalsted
    Daily need for your computer.!
    Since i Recieved this mouse last week i been using it for my daily needed, very useful light weight, very easy to setup with my windows 10 PC at home as well as my windows 10 laptop with wireless mouse not Noisy as you press it, it includes charger cable, a USB receiver and instruction it complete package. I highly recommend this mouse for its quality, lightweight and affordability.

    Dec 03,2019

  • MS
    Pleasantly surprised with my new mouse!
    If you're looking for a budget-friendly, lightweight, not "loud-clicky" mouse then I'd recommend this wireless mouse hands down. The mouse has a nice extraordinary shape and is very responsive. The clicks are super quiet and that is nice since it doesn't disturb others around me. To whomever manufacturers these mouses, keep up the great work! Quality product for sure.

    Dec 02,2019

  • Lenin Thatipalli
    The best wireless mouse I've used so far
    I liked how this wireless mouse feels since day one. It is extremity quiet, very light and feels just right in hand. It has been a week that I'm using it and did not need to charge it at all so it looks that it holds the charge very well. Three-level power-saving modes are perfect for me. I would recommend this little wireless mouse if you are looking for one.

    Dec 05,2019

  • Gustavo
    this mouse it's just great in all aspects, looks really cool, has a great feel and high quality, battery life is insane, traking never fails, all in all a great mouse

    Jan 12,2020

  • Paco
    Mouse ricaricabile? SI
    Ottimo prodotto che vale molto di più del prezzo pagato (ma non ditelo a GB) i tasti sono silenziosissimi è molto robusto e la forma particolare lo rende molto accattivante. Lo uso già da 3gg di fila e la batteria (la cosa più comoda di questo mouse wireless) dura ancora. Spero che in futuro aumenti la scelta dei coloriConsigliatissimo

    Jan 23,2020

  • Mário Neutel
    Very stylish, light, and robust
    It took a month to arrive, but, it was worthit...Very smooth, balanced, silent, and it has a very cool design. I recommend it...👍

    Feb 01,2020