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  • ladyofpainn
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    Everything is ok, its good deal in this price
    Let's start with the packaging and content. The epilator comes packed in an aesthetic and small box, in which we can store it later. Inside, in addition to the epilator, we find two heads, a power supply, safety goggles and a quite well written instruction in English, in which everything is explained step by step.
    The treatment is painless, on the legs and underarms you do not feel it actually at all, in more intimate parts of the body you can compare it to the delicate touch of the skins with a pin.

    ➕ undoubtedly the price of the device
    ➕ Ergonomic shape, the device is well in the hand and there are no problems with its use
    ➕ three power levels - from very delicate to normal
    ➕ packaging -> the product is most suitable for a gift
    ➕ skin contact sensor - the lamp does not 'click' if it is far away from the skin (it can be seen on the video)
    Pros of IPL in general:
    ➕ the ability to get rid of hair for longer or forever
    ➕ the price is much lower than treatments at the cosmetician (which you have to perform the entire series for each element of the body)
    ➕ the treatment can be done in your own home

    I'm happy with the purchase. When buying this device you need to be patient. This is not something that gives immediate effect - the key to good results is repetition. Manufacturers very clearly emphasize everywhere that 'the effect may differ from person to person' .. That's how it will be. The color of the skin, hair, precision and consistency in the performed procedure will play a key role here.

    In my opinion, the effects are visible, but it is still too short a time to say that they are spectacular, especially since I did not do it regularly. My legs ran out of my veins and I focused on the armpits and exactly one to have some comparison. The Italian grows back less, they are kind of thinned.
    Cons of this device:
    ➖ 1 'click' for 5 seconds, in more expensive devices it's about 1 'click' for 3 seconds

    Cons of IPL in general:
    ➖ the limit may be the color of the skin and hair, but this is not a minus of this particular device and all of this kind
    ➖ a long wait time for effects and this is - this is a general minus of these devices and not that specific
    ➖ on larger surfaces such as legs, the device heats up - from what I read is the norm for IPL, it is worth giving him a moment to rest
    ➖ after the surgery you should not be exposed

    Jul 24,2018

  • lyubka
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    Buen producto
    Buen producto a buen precio. Tiene una pinta muy profesional y cumple su función. Llega con unas gafas de protección y un cabezal de recambio. Además gearbest venden cabezales de repuesto a un precio accesible. En el paquete viene un manual de uso que es muy útil para el correcto uso de la máquina y evitar posibles lesiones. El cable que me vino con la máquina es para enchufes europeos algo que agradezco mucho. Sin duda es una buena maquina de depilación láser.
    La he probado solo una vez y de momento no he encontrado nada en contra.

    Sep 24,2017

  • Gi
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    Kemei KM - 6812 Photon Permanent Hair Removal Device - WHITE AND BLACK EU PLUG
    Nice design for women
    Good Kemei KM - 6812 Photon Permanent Hair Removal Device WHITE AND BLACK EU PLUG
    Good packing
    Free and fast delivery
    Good Price
    All works
    Nice design for women
    Good packing
    Free and fast delivery
    Good Price
    Nice design for women
    Good packing
    Free and fast delivery
    Good Price

    Aug 15,2018

  • A. C.
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    Practical, lightweight, easy to use, comes with an extra head and sunglasses to protect against strong flashes during application. It seems to has good cost benefit, but I will only know if it is really effective within a few months of use.
    None so far.

    Mar 09,2018

  • Hair Removal Review
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    Kemei KM - 6812 Hair Removal Device
    Overall the hair removal device is good.

    Like other reviewers have mentioned this takes a few month of usage in order to see a noticeable hair reduction (we have been using it for close to three months now). Overall worth the money.

    Just not that it is normal to have a slight burning smell and for the laser to sting a little bit.

    Apr 04,2019

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    パルス光 脱毛器

    国内流通している ベリッシマ Flash&Go Plus 光脱毛などの

    Dec 09,2017

  • adrien
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    epilateur lumière pulsée
    produit simple à l'usage. tête de rechange facile à installer. le ventilateur n'est pas trop bruyant lors du fonctionnement.
    le câble d'alimentation est assez long.
    3 voyants pour régler la puissance. une led couleur pour indiquer que l'on peut procédé à l'impulsion.
    En revanche, le résultat n'est pas visible donc difficile de de prononcer sur l'efficacité et difficile de savoir les zones déjà traité.
    à voir dans le temps pour un retour complet.
    le résultat non visible sur les premiers usages. le poil ne part pas immédiatement, donc a suivre régulièrement.

    Aug 21,2018

  • Ali Ekber
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    Çocuğum için sipariş verdim. Türkiye'de benzer ürünler çok pahalı..
    1 Hafta gümrüğe takılan ürünü, Gümrükten çıktıktan 3 gün sonra Ptt kargo ile 5 TL gümrük vergisi ücretini ödeyerek teslim aldım. Toplamda 25 & 30 günlük bir süre geçti. Bu sürede ürün, 50 TL daha ucuzladı. Ancak, bu dalgalanmanın kısa süreceğini sanıyorum. Türkiye'de benzer ürünler, asgari 800 TL ve çok üstünde bir fiyatla satılıyorlar. Ürünler, açıklamalarıyla birebir uyumlu. Eksiksiz ve kullanılır halde. Düşünenlere tavsiye ediyorum...

    Oct 22,2018

  • Kemei KM - 6812
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    Photon Pulsed Light Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device Epilator
    Amazing Permanent Hair Removal. It isincredible power. Best device I have ever seen. To use it does not hurt at all. Excellent helps to get rid of hair.
    Slight delay in use. Long to wait for the effect.

    Jan 14,2018

  • Diana
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    good for price
    I am white skin and black hair, and I have had this for two months and I can tell you it works! I do it around each 2 weeks first, trying to find results and yes, there are some parts of my legs with no hair growing. It takes time to use it, I mean to cover all your legs, but definitely it works!

    Dec 07,2018