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  • Antonio Sharp
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    The way they dim is definitely not as good as old-school incandescent or Halogen bulbs ; it seems like there are five discrete steps of dimness as opposed to the smooth infinite control of an old incandescent bulb, you can see the parallel lines of LEDs through the glass shade and it looks like three glowing centipedes have taken up residence in my light fixture, the flat shape makes them cast direct light in an irregular lumpy pattern when the old bulbs threw out light in a soothing sphere of warmth, I plan on buying more as they are definitely better than corkscrew CFLs despite a few flaws no doubt being due to them being built down to an economical price, I think the overall value for money is pretty good

    Nov 29,2018

  • Navy nulisecundus
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    The fixture has a sealed screw-on heavy glass jar style cover with cage, lED bulbs are no hotter than a Starbucks paper cup, we did not find our type of enclosed fixture subject to heat build up, the electrician that installed our porch light stated that the max wattage rating for a fixture is rated for hot incandescent bulbs, if you stay within the wattage rating for your fixture you won't get excessive heat build up for an enclosed light fixture so the low wattage high lumens LEDs won't be a problem, in overhead room lights and lamps they are great

    Dec 01,2018

  • Leafpeeper
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    These are very interesting LED lamps, most LED lamps maintain their color when they dim, as an incandescent lamp does when it dims tending toward the color of a candle flame as the light dims, a comparison between these bulbs and a standard LED really shows the difference, if you are not going to dim your LED lamps then you don't need these relatively expensive bulbs, candle-light color as it dims other than Hue color or similar internet controlled bulbs -- which are much more expensive even than these

    Dec 05,2018

  • Justin W.
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    These don't say anything about being compatible with totally enclosed fixtures on the packaging, so I've only used them in lighting for our bathrooms and other areas around the house that have open fixtures, the light bulbs `` match'' as in the light color/temperature perfectly matches, I wouldn't know there's different brand bulbs in different fixtures, which I really appreciate going from the bathroom to an area of the house with totally enclosed fixtures

    Nov 19,2018

  • Suntop Kinseeker
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    I love the savings and now that bulbs are so good that you can not tell if they are incandescent or LEDs, I wanted this bulb for my office light and did not want a glaring bulb that makes the lamp stand out, it directs just the right amount of light to to ceiling for elective lighting to give my office a nice glow, I did receive a free bulb from Torchstar for my unbiased review of the product, nice bright light for my old eyes

    Dec 14,2018

  • consumer watchdoggie
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    I used these to replace some incandescent bulbs for interior lighting in a sailboat, but it was a little tight as these are a little longer and wider than the original bulbs, these LEDs are slightly brighter than the incandescent bulbs, the light color is very similar, with the LEDs being slightly whiter but still a warm white than the incandescents, less expensive than many `` marine'' LED bulbs

    Oct 17,2018

  • AndyC
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    This vintage bulb throws off a softer lighting in any room you choose, I personally tried it in my family room and was very pleased, the bulb produced just the right amount of light to enjoy a nice evening wasn't to bright but had the right about of fun, highly recommend if your looking for a calmer not so bright light

    Nov 15,2018

  • Jenny Brower
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    These are a great LED to use in an open fixture where the bulb is visible, the light is very yellow, much more so than a standard incandescent bulb, this doesn't blend to well with my other lighting that is more of a white, the purpose of these might be to match dimmer incandescent bulbs that tend to be fairly yellow

    Nov 10,2018

  • Simon - Illinois
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    With the previous incandescent light bulbs that were providing the under-microwave/over-stove lighting, the lighting was not very even and it was hard to tell when a bulb was out because the overall design was relatively dim, i'm very impressed with the bulbs

    Dec 09,2018

  • Turner
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    These will definitely lower your lighting bill versus traditional incandescent bulbs and even fluorescents but if you are a stickler for warmer looking light in your home or office you may be disappointed, the output is a harsh white

    Nov 07,2018