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Haz reviews
  • Andy
    simple and fast
    This is an amazing product and I like to use it. The box is small and convenient. Moreover, the setup is very simple and fast. This includes so many shows, movies, photos, and can be connected to every Google account/product. It also provides 66 languages, which means this product is perfect for everyone. I strongly recommend everyone to buy this product immediately, because if you don't buy it, you will regret it. I like to use it, and my family likes to use it too.

    Sep 21,2020

  • Miller
    Great TV box
    Great TV box, very good quality. Very easy to set up, plug and play. I brought a clear image with this TV box, which is a happy eye. When you add a good streaming device and a compatible HDR TV, you usually get the same colors and images as life. The device is plug-and-play and compatible with most applications you normally use. This is a way of design, it is very easy and intuitive to use-so it is perfect for anyone.

    Sep 05,2020

  • Bolter
    clear and smooth
    I have been using this Android case for about 10 days and this player has been performing very well. I watched a few movies and a few TV shows and never encountered this problem. I connected via a network cable instead of Wi-Fi, so I didn't really test Wi-Fi, but with a network cable, the playback is clear and smooth, without bumps or buffers.I hope my review is helpful to you

    Sep 07,2020

    5 star
    I am very happy to receive this TV box. The quality is very good. This TV box can be made into a TV as big as a mobile phone. You can see all the apps. The WiFi is great. When my router is downstairs, it still works. Received a strong signal from upstairs. So far, the image quality is very good. It works great, but it takes a few minutes to load. I give it 5 star

    Sep 14,2020

  • Hector
    highly recommended
    This box has the latest android 10.0, we often use it to watch HD movies. We cancelled cable TV many years ago, and since then we have started using android TV set-top boxes, which are by far one of the best set-top boxes. We also use this box to watch some live TVThis is a good budget box, highly recommended

    Sep 12,2020

  • gilliam jr
    great for price
    I have many Android boxes. This box is by far the best I see in this low price range, the picture quality is awosome. Storage is also out of the predicament. I like it very much. In fact, it is now my main device

    Aug 27,2020

  • Patrick
    very fast
    I have 3 TV set-top boxes, this one works very well. It has the latest operating system, I don't know the technology, but it is very fast.

    Sep 12,2020

  • Draco
    does a good job
    The controls of all android boxes are the same, the learning curve is small and a bit troublesome, but it does a good job.

    Sep 12,2020

  • Gary P
    stable network connection
    Excellent Android TV box. This is a very good product quality, stable network connection

    Aug 30,2020

  • Freddy
    fast delivery
    The specs are good for the price. I ordered it and got my item on a Sunday.

    Aug 27,2020