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  • Anthea
    Sí (6) Color: Black
    This pump is soooooo amazing.
    My hubby and I love this so much. This pump is soooooo amazing. Pre set the pressure and connect to each wheel, then press the button, it will work well. It shut off automatically when the psi reaches the value you preset. No cable, you don't even need to hold it. Very easy operation. And it has a LED light that can be illuminated when inflated on the dark day, that's so cool ! It can be charged via a charging cable at home or used with car cigarette lighter charger when out and about. No more going to outside for pumping tire up by waiting in a queue. Everybody should keep one in car, highly recommend it!!!!

    Dec 17,2018

  • Fix
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    mini pompa aria
    Non ho più bisogno di cercare un gommista, con questo compressore ho risolto il problema di controllare la pressione degli pneumatici.E' molto piccolo, leggero e maneggevole, facile da usare, imposti la pressione in PSI o BAR e gonfia fino a quel valore. Scalda leggermente, bisogna fare attenzione a non toccare il tubicino perchè scotta. E' poco rumoroso. Lo uso principalmente per le gomme della mia e-bike. Molto comoda la ricarica della batteria interna. Consigliato vivamente.

    Dec 20,2018

  • elimav21
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    πολυ καλό εργαλείο
    Το δοκίμασα στο ποδήλατο.ρυθμίζεις την ένδειξη σε psi ή bar κι επίσης πόσο θέλεις να το φουσκώσεις.επέλεξα 70psi, το φούσκωσε σχετικά γρήγορα μέχρι τα 70psi και σταμάτησε μόνο του.Βιδώνει πάνω στην βαλβίδα, χάνει λίγο αέρα μέχρι να το ξεβιδώσεις τελείως οπότε πρέπει να βάλεις λίγο αέρα παραπάνω από ότι χρειάζεσαι και να το ξεβιδώσεις όσο γίνεται πιο γρήγορα (σε αντίθεση με το xiaomi που δεν χάνει αέρα όταν το ξεβιδώνεις από τη βαλβίδα).Στο αυτοκίνητο δεν το δοκίμασα ακόμα, εκεί μπορεί να μην χάνει γιατί η πίεση στα ελαστικά του αυτοκινήτου είναι μικρότερη από τα αντίστοιχα του ποδηλάτου κι ενδεχομένως να κάνει περισσότερα δευτερόλεπτα να φουσκώσει λόγω της μεγαλύτερης χωρητικότητας αέρα που έχουν.

    Aug 09,2019

  • Anton
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    vezetéknélküli pumpa
    A termék erős dobozba csomagolva érkezett, sértetlen állapotban. A vám megfizetése után tudtam átvenni a pumpát, mely így azért dobott az árán. A terméket a dobozból kiemelve már egyből működőképes volt. Egy kicsit tanulmányoztam és 6 barra simán felfújtam vele fél perc alatt két kereket. Azt írják róla, hogy 3 óra a töltési ideje és 30 perc az üzemidő. Ez lehet reális, de a 30 perc üzemidő mondjuk nekem lassan fog összejönni. 4 autókerék felfújása max 4-5 perc. Be lehet állítani a kívánt légnyomást (kicsit célszerű túlfújni, mert a szelep csavaros ezért egy kicsit enged, amikor lecsavarom), amit a pumpa automatikusan teljesít.Hátránya: egyelőre nincs ilyen, amit tapasztaltam volna

    Feb 07,2019

  • Giorgio
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    Cordless Handheld Mini Electric Car Air Pump
    First look it is fine I wanted to have some air pump for emergency situation. It looks I found it. I was scared first time the holder the tube by thehead is plastic but it looks ok.. forfive minute it can refuel 4 tires to the correct pressure after to storage.automatic switch of on the preset presure is allso wery fine option.only two things I miss 1. some plastic box where can storage in the car2. some reduction for bicycle pump pipe, I cant use it one of my bicycle where is no car size vavle isBut hope it will long working

    Jun 28,2019

  • daChad
    Sí (2) Color: Black
    sweeet mini compressor
    Received my air pump today right on time. Took nearly 3 hours to charge but it filled all 4 of my trucks tires and my buddies tires as well and there was still 2 bars remaining on battery. Love the LCD readout, it's as simple as setting how much pounds or kg. of pressure you want and press the trigger. You can even let go while attached and it will just shut off when filled. Before I ordered this I read in the reviews that it was pretty noisy however I didn't find it to be noisy at all compaired to other compressors, I really couldn't be happier, fantastic product!

    Apr 05,2019

  • Pablo
    Sí (1) Color: Black
    Muy útil
    Funciona bastante bien. La calidad de materiales es justa pero parece que va bien. La boquilla se acoplaa a la válvula con algo de pérdida de aire en lo que tardas en enroscarla y desenroscarla, pero aparentemente es bastante precisa, pudiendo ajustar la presión en medidas que van escalonadas en 0.05 bares.He probado a revisar 8 neumáticos, unos 15 minutos de uso, sin que se haya descargado la batería, ha bajado sólo un cuarto. Un producto muy cómodo cuando tienes varios vehículos en el garaje y no quieres estar yendo a la gasolinera a revisar presiones.La caja en la que viene el inflador es de cartón bastante pobre, hubiera sido de agradecer un estuche con cremallera.

    Mar 04,2019

  • Lorant
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    Cordless Handheld Mini Electric Car Air Pump
    Really well made nice little air pump. Very useful to have it around. After the first charge, witch takes around three ours, I've tested on my car, and it worked really nice. A had my four tires checked and inflated in less then 10 minutes, which I think is really fast. And everything happened in front of my garage. This pump is very practical, you can have it with you everywhere you go, on a long trip, in vacation, or if you daily need it. Friendly recommended.... :-)

    Aug 28,2019

  • kobi
    Sí (0) Color: Black
    fast shipping, working gr8
    The product work's as described, really good, you don't need to press the button all time.pumping speed is Ok, not like machines at gas station, but fast's getting a little bit hot when using for a long time, but cools fast. the only thing is noticeable is the noise it makes when pumping the wheel, so if you don't want to wake up somebody, don't use it near :) *I don't know how it will deal with sun heat when keeping inside the car or trunk, so be aware.

    Mar 27,2019

  • Florinel
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    Cordless Handheld Mini Electric Car Air Pump
    PRO. I really did not expect this product to be so good that I have already proven. It works great and even blows the air with power although it is pretty noisy this pump, it does not matter because it does its job very well. Mostly I like the fact that I do not have to stretch the cable from the car socket and go to each his wheel is dying. Now it's easier without tangling in the cables. Yes I like.Versus : It would have been good if you had a car charger or a charger to use at home.

    Feb 26,2019