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  • Малый
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    Дошли наушники меньше чем за месяц, качество звучания на высоте, низа есть, надо только подобрать из комплекта резиновые накладки. При включении голосом озвучивает, при подключении к телефону тоже. Можно регулировать громкость, переключать треки и отвечать на звонки. Дальность работы метров 10. За 5 часов прослушивания почти на максимальной громкости не сели. Сидят удобно не спадают, даже если пытаться их снять без рук:). Рекомендую к преобретению

    May 17,2016

  • Steven Buice
    Sí (0) Color: AZUL + NEGRO
    Cheaper than Amazon!!
    Super nice and premium feel to these awesome earphones. Incredibly snug and comfortable in my ears. Band is also strong and grippy enough that nothing falls off during my routine morning run. This is a fantastic bargain at this price. I checked the Amazon price, costs a few bucks more but this isn't my first gearbest order so I was happy to order from these guys again. Incredible customer service and packaging. Top notch product from a great company. Thanks again.
    None, happy with these earphones!!

    Aug 27,2015

  • Kristopher Kridler
    Sí (0) Color: AZUL + NEGRO
    Incredible audio
    Had high expectations based on online reviews I checked before ordering. Happy to confirm that the reviews were more or less spot-on. These are a SICK pair of earphones, awesome audio quality and feature packed. I use it the Cheetahs for casual/easy listening when I just want to unwind but not be tethered by cables. This gives me the freedom I crave, but also the quality I want. Really can't go wrong at this price point.
    None, happy with these earphones!!

    Aug 19,2015

  • Bradford Gwinn
    Sí (0) Color: AZUL + NEGRO
    Good deal at gearbest
    Good price on these Mpow Cheetahs on gearbest!! My friend has a pair but paid WAY more. I got my own (different color) pair for less. He now hates me, haha! Srsly, the audio output is sublime, really edgy audio and bass that drills down. Audiophiles will love these bad boys! Everyone else will enjoy them as a fantastic, well-crafted and affordable pair of wireless earphones. Rock on!
    None, happy with these earphones!!

    Jul 24,2015

  • Ali
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    This is by far the best bluetooth earphones I purchased. The sound quality and bass is incredible.

    Build quality
    Ease of use
    Multifunction buttons makes everything easy
    Wide range for Bluetooth

    Mar 31,2016

  • Robin Middlecoat
    Sí (0) Color: AZUL + NEGRO
    Price drop in sale promotion, even if only marginal.
    No problems with Bluetooth connectivity.
    Fairly quick delivery.
    Well made product for the price.
    Stays in place very well during outdoor activities.
    Fairly good sound for the price. Definitely better than the MPOW Petrel and the MPOW Seal.
    Low SPL.
    Lows, Mids and Highs could all be a lot better.
    Sound quality not half as good or exciting as the wired Xiaomi/1More Piston 3. Probably not fair to compare it with the Xiaomis - but that's the way I feel after comparing the two.

    Nov 30,2015

  • Alex
    Sí (0) Color: Amarillo + negro
    Excellent sport headphones
    super light weight
    pits perfectly on head & ears (comes with 3 sets of different size ear buds)
    very good & quality sound
    long lasting battery
    excellent for running and sports (sweat does not effect them)
    non so far...

    May 30,2016

  • Francisco Stiltner
    Sí (0) Color: AZUL + NEGRO
    Best bluetooth earphones so far
    > Kick ass design
    > Love the cool looking materials!
    > Perfect for my morning workout
    > Audio is strong, bass is AMAZING!!
    > Lightweight and easy/comfortable to wear for extended sessions
    > Free shipping, baby!!
    None, happy with these earphones!!

    Aug 03,2015

  • Jesse Binam
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    Great Sound - Rich Bass, Clear Highs
    Stay Put - They don't fall out during running, working, etc.
    Long battery life - Lasts all day and evening, charge at night
    Connect 2 devices - MP3 player and phone!!
    Excellent Noise Reduction
    Absolutely None!!

    Nov 08,2015

  • Abdur Rahman Pappu
    Sí (0) Color: Negro
    Nice Product
    Cheap Price
    Build quality is really nice
    Music quality is also good
    Charge stays for long
    Nothing at all

    Apr 21,2016