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  • adr_kosice
    brush head for oclean
    pecially designed for Oclean SE / One / Air / X automatic sonic toothbrush. This replacement brush head kit adopts high-quality bristles, which provides better brushing experienceWith mini rounding head, the brush can get closer to clean the hard-to-reach interdental areas and remove the plaques and stains effectively. Come and take them home!Features at a glance: - Suitable for Oclean SE / One / Air / X automatic sonic toothbrush- Wave-shaped dense planting brush and mini head, easy to clean the hard-to-reach interdental areas- Rounding bristles will not scratch your gums or damage the surface- Rust-free, environmentally friendly and healthy- Food-grade PP material with FDA certification for oral health care- Recommended to replace a brush head for 2 - 3 months by the dentists, 2pcs in one package is convenient for replacing

    Sep 26,2019

  • Njenga
    WEnn Zähneputzen wieder Spaß macht
    Mit der elektrischen Schallzahnbürste Oclean SE macht Zähneputzen wieder Spaß. Schon nach zwei Minuten fühlen sich die Zähne wieder glatt, ja richtig blitzebank an. Wenn mann den Bürstenkopf richtig anwinkelt, 45 Grad auf den Rand zwischen Zahnhals und Zahnfleisch, erzielt mein den besten Reinigungseffekt. Die Bürste versieht zuverlässig schurrend ihren Dienst, und man hat selbst nach dieser kurzen Zeit schon ein Frischegefühl im Mund.Hervorzuheben ist asuch die sehr große Kapazität des Lithiumakkus, der bei zweimal zwei Minuten Bürsten pro Tag mindstens vier Wochen , wenn nicht länger hält. Nach jetzt mehr als drei Monaten Benutzung bin ich vollauf zufrieden mit der Bürste.

    Aug 08,2019

  • Daniel
    Oclean One / SE Replacement Brush Heads
    Hi. This replacement brush head kit is specially designed for automatic sonic toothbrush Oclean / SE and new AIR :) I am very satisfied with xiaomi Oclean Toothbrush

    Nov 23,2018

  • sdennis
    It arrived with enough power to last a few weeks and I only charged it once in the two month's I used it,a great benefit to me because my gums used to bleed with manual brushing,just turn it back on if you desire additional time,and purchased additional brush heads for future use,my teeth feel great

    Sep 13,2018

  • MAK
    Отличная покупка
    Щётки оригинальные в экономичной упаковке, но она прекрасно выдержала пересылку.До почтового отделения посылка дошла дней за 15 (но потом ещё месяц почему-то пылилась в отделении).

    Feb 14,2019

  • Mirek
    Rewelacja / Revelation
    Bardzo przyjemne w użyciu zamienne końcówki do szczoteczki Oclean One. Dobra jakość i atrakcyjna cena. Szybka dostawa. Polecam.Very pleasant to use replacement Oclean One brush heads. Good quality and attractive price. Quick delivery. I would recommend.

    Jan 15,2019

  • Raiza Arnone
    This is a great product ; much better in my experience than some of the major brands,best thing about it is that it's completely washable,and my teeth have felt cleaner longer since my last dentist visit,one last cool thing is that the charge is long lasting

    Aug 31,2018

  • Yeelight USB Powered Small Night Light
    Two brushes in one package
    They are original replacement heads for Oclean SE one toothbrush. Not packed individually in plastic boxes, but in pairs in paper boxes. They are therefore cheaper.

    Dec 09,2018

  • Kallianas
    Toothbrush replacements
    What is that price??Thanks a lot!! This is the original Brush Head replacements in a great dealI don't know how long can be used before get destroyed but the one included with the device holds for 15 days now and is in good shape

    Jan 20,2020

  • Nuno
    Sem testar ainda
    Ainda estou à espera da escova que foi encomendada na mesma data para experimentar, mas parece-me ser de boa qualidade. Vinha embalado com a película original, e chegou em bom estado. Pelo preço parece ser uma boa compra, pois dá pelo menos para meio ano e estava em promoção!

    Jan 17,2019