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  • Simone Agazzini
    Portable and Good quality mini projector for home theater entertainment and also business meeting
    The package is perfect for keeping from damage during shipping. I am really impressed with the quality of projector. It’s really amazing to enjoy the movies with my family in bedroom. And I can also mirroring my phone to the projection directly, So I can share what I have taken photos and videos with my family, share my travel experience and my happiness with them. Just one thing, the speaker is not so loud, fortunately, I can connect to my surround system. And my friends stuck there every night to watch TV at 120 inch, they can get amazing home theater outdoors great products.
    For the price, this projector can’t be beat. It has saved so much time and space. So simple to use it and it’s not noisy, the fun is good quality. My speaker works well with it and the outdoor movie experience is perfect. I simply use in a white sheet and picture is outstanding. I love it bcz it doesn't have to be completely dark to see a decent picture. I can also carry it everywhere when I demo my PPT for my customers of our products. It’s really convenient for both business and entertainment. You are getting much more than what you have paid for.

    May 23,2018

  • A
    Image cuallity: Fine resolution for such price 3 contrast/bright presets No visible DLP rainbow effect Perfect for dark rooms Connectivity: Paired witout issues with android 7.1 phone and my windows 10 PC via HDMI No noticeable delay from phone to projector over WIFI General impressions: A little bit noisy fan while charging. It DOES have keystone correction! For its price it is a great projector BT speaker is highly recommended Photos of 91" screen
    It would be better without speaker at all ;)

    Nov 30,2017

  • Youssef
    P8 Smart DLP Projector 80 Lumens Android 4.4 OS Black
    i like this projector, first by system android and you can connect the mouse and keyboard for be so easy to use it second about how deal with the wall make the screen good for viewer and thats really i like on it, cause some projectors cant do that ... and more
    i like this projector, first by system android and you can connect the mouse and keyboard for be so easy to use it second about how deal with the wall make the screen good for viewer and thats really i like on it, cause some projectors cant do that ... and more i suggest you to buy it if you want to do like a cinema in your home or something like that is really awesome not heavy easy to use as well as you can hold it up like a phone and put it on your pocket

    Apr 21,2018

  • Tom
    P8I DLP Projector
    • Well built product • Says supports 1080p but youtube only allow max 720p but thats still extremely good for the price you pay and as the picture is still very clear. • Very light and portable • Daylight can get about 10-15in clear screen and night time lights off can get up to 60-80in clear screen • Built in android 4.4 • bluetooth, hdmi input and comes with remote • Can connect mouse
    • No keystone but as long as you can find a spot for it its no problem and I dont think many small projectors will have keystone at this price. • Poor sound but bluetooth feature and aux plug allows you to connect to an external source. • The mini tripod that comes with it isnt that great but positioned in a certain way can hold the unit up but I would recommend getting a better one. So to make these cons into pros just connect to a better sound source and a better tripod and you will be fine.

    Aug 03,2017

  • Luke O\'Hara
    Size, its absolutely tiny, not much bigger than my 10,00mAh battery. Image quality is great. Noise is minimal. Build quality is solid. Had it set up ad running in minutes. Brightness is spot on in a darkened room.
    As many have stated the tripod is a bit cheap, ive mounted mine on a Manfrotto magic arm, but just be aware that you may want a decent tripod or mount for it. No that much of a con as i bought a projector not a tripod.

    Sep 30,2017

  • Harold F. Moore
    The picture is great, i use it in a downstairs room so there is NO ambient light and that's perfect, when the volume goes low this thing buzzes a fair amount, the picture is truly outstanding, although I haven't tested any Blu-Ray or higher quality streaming sources on it yet

    Oct 23,2017

  • Remle
    They aren't worth the money'', '' Very satisfied this far and we have had many compliments on how clear the picture is, after reading several reviews I was concerned with how the audio from the projector would sound, i must say I think the audio is perfectly fine

    Jan 02,2018

  • Michelle Asselin
    I had this projecting on a blue painted wall and hey what do you know I set the wall color to blue and it automatically adjusted the colors for a blue screen/wall ; obviously it cant fix white but anything that was not white looked perfect, beautiful picture

    Aug 28,2018

  • dwhob
    We are pleased with our first projector, setup was simple and adjusting the picture to fit the screen was a snap, i can not imagine getting a better image, i would not want to spend additional money for an incremental improvement

    Apr 13,2018

  • Jonathan Feist
    I use it daily and the quality of it is awesome, same with the color of the images that it gives, speakers are loud but preferred to connect my own stereo for louder and more dramatic sounds effects, this is a great projector

    Feb 27,2018