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Haz reviews
  • jandesage
    The alarm clock is very easy to use,features a very simple button layout,with a small light on the display indicating am or pm,only with a different button,the display is huge and can be read from across the room,at low brightness levels the lcd gets a bit splotchy,it isn't bright enough to illuminate your entire room but it does a decent job,this is an awesome alarm clock that does a fantastic job without all the bells and whistles of a more expensive alarm clock,the large display and nightlight are also big bonuses

    Dec 07,2018

  • N.M.
    My old clock suddenly began losing several hours every day,the features include big display and very simple to setup and use,my only negative is that the dimmer slider for the display brightness does not allow for a lot of fine setting,i have it set as low as I can get it without the display going totally dark,this setting is still a bit bright for my bride at night,i've considered getting a second one for my radio shack

    Oct 03,2018

  • Midlife Crashes
    Or other fancy features ...,this clock is inexpensive,has large letters that are easy to read,the `` night light'' is a nice feature for those times you may need a little light but don't want to turn on your room lighting,or will have two settings - high or low,i can dim it way down at night so that it doesn't light up the whole room,you want an inexpensive digital alarm clock that's easy to set,you can't go wrong with this clock

    Sep 12,2018

  • Shimmerbodycream
    This is a good clock,what I don't like : you can dim the led ring only when it's illuminated with the white light,any other color seems to be full strength and way too bright to sleep,you're better off with your phone and alarm apps if you're looking for something more `` natural'',the main display is either on full bright but you can dim it,option dims the display just a tiny bit,it's way too bright at night

    Oct 23,2018

  • David Michael Smith
    It has really large numbers that can easily be seen across almost any room,it is easy to set the time and the alarms although I did not show her how to use the alarm feature yet,her favorite part of this clock is the light button,she is very proud of having her own clock and I am so glad I was able to get this one for her,this feature can become very important to some people

    Oct 16,2018

  • Michael D Wang
    The button you press to set alarm time is the large white button across the top of the clock,the brightness of the numbers is adjustable,you can make them dim when you want the clock inconspicuous,the extra large numbers also helps for easy reading when half asleep in the middle of the night,the pleasant appearance of the clock is sturdy and well crafted

    Sep 06,2018

  • doll3
    This is a great alarm clock that's simple and easy to use,the numbers can be dimmed so they're not super bright as well,utilitarian purchase,it's a nice and big digital clock,it would be perfect if the dimmer feature can be adjusted,at night its too bright even though it was dimmed,works perfect and I ended up buying a second one for another room

    Aug 11,2018

  • Brandy Gail
    Keeps accurate time and alarm functions flawlessly,the brightness bar takes the display from very bright to near invisible though at the lowest setting the brightness of the individual numbers varies so some are brighter than the others,at that setting it is still dim enough not to bother me at night,the clock itself is lightweight

    Nov 16,2018

  • Austin born
    I have bought this clock and am quite glad that I did,has no digital time clock,with its big green numbers allows me to watch tv and to always be able to see the time,most people do,you already own a terrific alarm clock that is easy to keep by your bedside,i does a great job of displaying the time and you can see it brightly lighted in green

    Dec 08,2018

  • happyindecember
    This is a perfectly designed led alarm clock and very simple to set/use,to make it easier to `` feel'' the alarm-off button on the back of the clock,it's easier to shut the alarm off by touch than to have to actually turn the clock around and look for the button (although the current button actually can be felt -- I just prefer it more tactile)

    Sep 09,2018