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  • Josh Edwards
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.0mm
    I have been using it for about two months and I have most definitely noticed that my skin is much smoother and i'm getting less breakouts (which are mainly caused by hormones) so that tells me that it does something to keep inflammation and clogged pores at bay,i'm young so I have very few if any wrinkles but I also wanted to use this as part of my anti-aging regimen,i suggest that you put only a little bit on to cover your face -- perhaps the size of a dime -- as you may experience some reddening and it may even itch a little at first until your skin gets used to it

    Sep 29,2018

  • A.C.
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.0mm
    Good but someones wrongly packaged
    I ordered five Dermarollers of 1.0mm, but there was an mistake on packing: All the product boxes were marked/labeled as 1.00mm, but the contents were three Dermarollers of 0.50mm and two Dermarollers of 1.00mm. The costumer support refunded me.Anyway, the product is very good but could be cheaper.

    Dec 24,2018

  • Devendra Yadav
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 0.5mm
    A good to test one
    Good build quality i likes the feel and the needles are sharp so be gentle while using i hardly use them regularly so cant say about the productivity..The case of this derma roller is very loose. I'd prefer a better case, as this one has a loose lid that isn't very convenient to open and close.

    Sep 21,2018

  • Mandy White
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.0mm
    I dont have sensitive skin typiclly but this irritates it,well I suffered through the irritation for a few days and my skin looks great,i have some more recent acne scars that usually sit on my face for a few months before fading away and are almost half gone,i use a heavier moisturizer to counteract the discomfort because the results are real,my skin gets a little itchy but no break outs

    Sep 24,2018

  • Woooooo
    Sí (8) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.5mm
    I have been using the retinol cream for a few weeks now and i'm really loving it,acne prone skin and it seems to be working great and not making it more oily like some other products do,i'm also using another new eye cream so I can't say for sure which product is doing the trick,the customer service at this company is phenomenal !!! very impressed overall

    Sep 02,2018

  • JP25
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.5mm
    Didn't want to feel like I was shelling out my life savings for beautiful skin,it was also really important that it had as many organic ingredients as possible and no perfumes added,i have been so happy with this product,i've gotten so many compliments from family and friends who say that my skin is glowing and has never looked better

    Oct 01,2018

  • Schoff
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.0mm
    I started breaking out really bad and even after I came home I thought the dark acne marks would never go away - even as they faded over time I thought the pink discoloration would never go away bc my skin is so pale,my dark spots are completely gone,i do get hormonal acne it'll pop up for about a day and i'll wake up with it gone the next day

    Aug 07,2018

  • X. Muller
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.0mm
    The way I use it is I clean my face at night with my electric brush and my cetaphil face wash (the one for oily skin) and then just put this lotion all over my face,i clean my face again with those cleansing cloths and put some lotion again,i dont exfoliate that much anymore since this works to shed dead skin fast

    Oct 18,2018

  • H.S.
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.5mm
    I gravitate toward products with retinol and this one does a good job of keeping my skin soft and moist overall and helping soften the look/texture of my skin,the price is great for the value and I really like this product,it is a smaller company,they really want you to be happy with your purchase

    Sep 05,2018

  • John Wing
    Sí (0) Color: Black Tamaño: 1.5mm
    After using for over a month as a daily moisturizer and as a night cream,there is a noticeable difference in the feel and look of my skin - yes use it on your neck,lucky to have young genes but still have the wisdom lines and baggy eyes,i highly recommend - right price for an amazing product

    Sep 10,2018