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Haz reviews
  • André
    Very happy
    Um pouco difícil colocar ela como DHCP para depois receber IP do meu Roteador mas depois deu certo, o software HIcam que baixa na loja do google já faz o acesso remoto automatico, testei fora de casa e acessou, chegou em 15 dias, na caixa e sem defeitos nem riscos, recomendo o vendedorWorks fine, I made the CAM configuration to works with my router, receiving DHCP from router TPLink, and using Hicam the remote access was made automaticaly.Good vendor, in 15 days this cam arrives here in Brazil, I recommend this seller

    Aug 30,2018

  • Rafik
    Szsinocam 720P Waterproof IP Camera - EU PLUG BLACK
    На сайте интернет-магазина GearBest (самый лучший интернет- магазин), была куплена водонепроницаемая WLAN Wireleess камера наблюдения " Szsinocam 720P Waterproof IP Camera - EU PLUG BLACK". Товар поступил в течении 12 дней. Автоматически переключается на ночной режим при выключении света, дальность ночного режима фиксирует около 20 - 22 метров! Отличная IP - камера! Записывает видео отличного качества! Использовал программу Revisor VMS.
    Нет минусов по этому товару! Отличный товар! Очень доволен покупкой!

    Apr 08,2017

  • Norbert Bezzina
    Szsinocam 720P Waterproof WLAN Wireleess 1.0 Megapixel ONVIF Security CCTV WiFi IP Camera
    This is my my second order of the same item. In fact this is for a friend of mine. I bought this item since it is very good camera. One of the photos attached I have blurred a person and a number. The camera is on a three storey house and it is on the 3rd storey. It is very nice a clear. You can definitely put your mind at rest.
    Only that I asked Szsinocam couple of times how to record automatically but never got reply back. I have asked the question couple of months ago but had no reply.

    Aug 04,2017

  • Paulo
    Szsinocam 720P IP Camera
    Good IP camera, works fine by day and night good image. Easy to setup, it works with your smartphone without having to open ports on the router. Works over wired or wireless network Good quality vs price. Highly recommend.

    Apr 28,2017

  • Canario
    good camera wireless and wired
    It had a good price, I ordered over a year before this review, using it since then and still working fine.I use it via WiFi indoors, good image quality and good night vision (I use it short range and is quite good)
    The arm is a bit hard to keep it in place, even well tighten is very easy to move or lose the right position.

    Aug 08,2018

  • Hugo Morais
    Very good equipment, some trick to install, but after that work you will be very happy Quality video very good considering the low cost, works very fine with RJ45 cable or WiFi
    nothing to say about the cam

    Apr 05,2017

  • Milos Lukic
    Good camera
    It's a good camera for the price. It is very easy to connect and use. The picture quality is decent. I would definitely buy again.
    I wish the lens had a bit wider angle.

    Apr 15,2017

  • Azat
    Everything is super and shoots perfectly, tuned quickly and very pleased with the purchase. Everything is super and shoots perfectly, tuned quickly and very pleased with the purchase.
    Нету не каких минусов. Камера отличная за свои деньги. Советую для покупки.

    Feb 10,2018

  • Valeriy
    Very good camera. Wi-Fi connection, RJ-45. Model SN-IPC-5033SW. Lens 4 mm For the first installation and wi-fi settings need to be connected through RJ-45

    Apr 08,2017

  • Catia
    The camera came with defective
    The camera turns on and off all the time, seeming to be in bad contact.The yellow Wi-Fi light does not light up.The camera ran for two days, all the time shutting down and now it totally stopped.

    Dec 05,2018