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In 1865, Nokia Aidesitan founder Frederick (Fredrik Idestam) in F inland, "Nokia River" along the creation of a wood pulp factory, named Nokia. Nokia's neighbors in 1922, the production of leather shoes and high integration of Finland rubber tire manufacturing plant with the power cable telephone cable factory in Finland merger. In 1960, has developed into a paper, rubber, cable companies, such as integrated production of Nokia, the cable factory was set up in the electronics division to light electric transmission for the development of the core. At that time, the semiconductor technology from the laboratory to industrialization, which will be Nokia's foundation. Nokia 1967 with the merger of Finland rubber cable plant after the formation of the Joint Group of Nokia. The group of the electronics industry made significant investments. In 1992, Ollila, Nokia's head. He will focus on the company's business in the telecommunications industry to promote a standard GSM phone standard production. 1994 Nokia shares on the New York Stock Exchange. Nokia 1996 auction and cable TV production business, and mobile communications in the field of rapid development. Di Yiyi in 1998 to produce mobile phones has become the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer.

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