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    Overall a good purchase
    I only have this product 4 stars instead of 5, because there is no horizontal keystone, despite it is being implied on the product page. There is a mechanical vertical keystone scroller on the back of the projector, which is good enough, but it makes the top and the bottom of the picture a little bit blurry. The built-in speaker isn't too good, as the fan has a good amount of noise too, but those things were expected by me, I didn't want to use the speaker anyway.

    That's about it for the contras... I must say, I was impressed by the image quality, I expected much worse. In my small room, I was afraid of the picture being too small, but it is just as big I wanted, it really is perfect for me. I was afraid of the low resolution, but it isn't that bad, as a lot of people claims it can be. I even used my projector for gaming, I played Rocket League with it and I had a blast!

    Overall I'm super happy with my purchase! It's a downside that I had to use the projector perfectly againt the wall, I wanted a projector, which could project beside me, not from front of me, or behind me, but I'll manage it somehow. Anyway the price/value is very high of this product, I can easily recommend it, if you are thinking about buying a cheap projector.

    Oct 16,2018