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Haz reviews
  • giovanni herrera
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    I weigh myself get off and weigh myself again the scale reads the same weight,also I love this scale because it isn't glass (I have a three year old) and it is beautiful,it's very simple (you step on it and your weight pops up,you step off and in a few seconds it goes away),it's very accurate and you can't beat the price,first reading is higher

    Jun 04,2018

  • A Happy Camper
    Sí (5) Color: Blue
    Thank you everything that I have received so far is awesome I am still using the product and will continue ... I finally start to take control of my health and I thank you all that I can find the product that I need in a safe place and very reasonably priced I love it ... keep up the great work brenda lovejoy

    Dec 23,2017

  • Frank
    Sí (1) Color: White
    Super Balança!
    Balança sensacional, gostei bastante da qualidade... Funciona perfeitamente com iPhone e Android, sincroniza muito rápido as informações... Todas as informações são guardadas no aplicativo o que possibilita realizar comparações. Estou muito satisfeito com o produto!
    Não tenho do que reclamar desta balança ela cumpre o que promete, embora eu não tenha 100% de certeza que as informações de bioimpedância sejam totalmente confiáveis e precisas, mas dá pra ter ma noção de como anda o seu corpo.

    Mar 30,2018

  • Michelle Grigsby
    Sí (3) Color: Blue
    Numbers are easy to read and do not require the `` extra tap'' to show your weight,i moved the scale to three rooms and the scale showed the same weight in all three rooms,and the non slip design is very helpful for those who pose a fall risk

    Mar 13,2018

  • She who lurks
    Sí (0) Color: White
    Please make sure to place your scale on a flat surface and to not weigh yourself on a non-flat surface otherwise you'll end up ruining your scale,nice and sleek design,best scale that you purchase online for a reasonable price

    Jun 11,2018

  • james d reifenrath
    Sí (10) Color: Blue
    After endless searching the right scale I came across this one and with it being affordable and live the quality of feeling that it gives under my feet ... I love this scale and I know you would too,the price was perfect

    Jan 05,2018

  • Eve Anderson
    Sí (6) Color: Blue
    Sometimes I step on it couple of times to make sure that the number i'm reading is right and it gives me the same number no matter how I step on it,the bumps on the surface look great and help with the positioning

    Nov 02,2017

  • Gabriele
    Sí (0) Color: White
    Wow wow wow!
    Thhis smartscale is a fantastic tool for people who me, like stay in fitness! Is perfect for you weight, bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass etc... all sycncro in a amazing app!

    Oct 13,2016

  • brian3937
    Sí (0) Color: Blue
    Comfy to stand on with my bare feet and I love that it is back lit so you can see the numbers at all times,this is better than what I was looking for with the price and if I ever need an additional

    Apr 27,2018

  • Chimpychi
    Sí (0) Color: White
    Accurate lightweight and daily weight have been right on the mark,it is perfect to keep in my bathroom for daily use great scale and price highly recommend would purchase again

    Jan 19,2017